Special Announcement

Oh my gosh, I am BEYOND excited to make today's announcement! This has been a thought for a little while of mine, and after working with my friends over at Wine & Design, we've finally been able to make it happen...

I'm teaching a Fredericksburg Skyline Wine & Design Class!

Yup, that's right! I am just SO excited about this that it's been hard not to tell anyone. I've been working with Michelle with the Fredericksburg Wine & Design to create a Starry Night of the Fredericksburg Skyline. I'll be instructing the class as well as offering custom lettering at each event for an additional fee. You can get 'Fredericksburg' or your family name or whatever you'd like on it! 

Pending how this class goes, we could be doing additional classes, however for this first class, there are only 20 tickets available, so get yours quickly (scroll down)!

Hope to see you there!



FXBG Skyline Wine & Design Class

March 29th

6:30 - 8:30pm

107 Washington St Fredericksburg VA 22405

Update on Joe & the Paralympics

Joe is supposed to be competing today in his last Banked Slalom before the Paralympics. Unfortunately, he's not. But let's back up a little bit. 

There’s nothing like a change of plans that reminds out of how not in control we are and how we take things for granted.

So those engagement photos, right?! Incredible! I couldn’t have been happier with how those turned out (Thanks, Hope!). We had so much fun, despite the cold. And we were just excited to be together and snuggle up in the cold. It looks like everything is great in those photos, and for the most part it was. But there was a lot going on behind the scenes.

As Joe said to me, he feels like he hit a brick wall going full speed.

Not even 48 hours after our engagement photos, Joe was on crutches. Again. He has a bursa sac (it's basically a blister underneath the skin) at the bottom of his stump that's also resting on a nerve and it continues to fill up with fluid, despite having it drained multiple times. Just before this trip to Canada, he was told he needed another surgery.

Definitely not the news we wanted to hear.

Joe’s been through so much. We’ve been through so much. I will never say I understand what Joe’s going through, because I'm not an amputee and I will never understand to the full extent what he's going through. But being by his side through this journey, I at least have somewhat of an understanding of what can happen and what emotions amputees can go through.

One minute your riding down a jump throwing and landing a back flip like it’s no big deal, and the next, you can’t even walk. 

It would be so hard for me to sit here and say that I am always strong and I am always able to get through this, but the reality is, I’m not. I get frustrated. I get angry. I wonder why these things happen to an amazing person like Joe, who all he wants in this life is to excel and do what he loves. Yet has it constantly stripped away from him.

I could sit here and ask, why him? Why can’t he catch a break? Why can’t it just go easily for once? There are people out there with two perfectly good legs and they don’t even use them, and yet here is Joe, and all he wants to do is walk and some days he can’t even do that.

We take so much for granted in our lives.

We’ll be going along and everything’s going great, and we’ll forget what it’s like to get knocked down. What it’s like to be on crutches. What it’s like to have to have somebody do everything for you. And it’s humbling how quickly you’re reminded that anything and everything can be taken from you at any point. And while I know we will get thru this, as we always do, it doesn’t make these moments here and now any easier.

The hardest part is feeling like there’s nothing I can do. I have no quick fixes.

So here we are in Canada. 

This whole season, we've been really unsure whether Joe would make it to the Paralympics or not. His category is the largest, with some tough competition. And this is his first year. He's only been training for this for about 4 months.

Just after the new year, he found out that there was potential for him to snag one of the last spots on the US Paralympic Team, but it all depended on how he did in Canada. He's been working his butt off for weeks for this. Training on the slopes every morning; spending every afternoon in the gym or training at Woodward. And it was just after finding out he still had a chance to make it on the team, that he formed this bursa sac. 

I know Joe won't like that I say this, but it's the truth: he's in a lot of pain. He really shouldn't even be riding. But he is. On Monday, he trained on the Border Cross Course, and on Tuesday, he competed in the last World Cup to qualify for the Paralympics in Border Cross. For being injured and needing surgery, he completely rocked it. He made 15th in the World and qualified for the second round, only to be beaten by Canadian Alex Massey, who went on to win the silver medal for the day, by two board lengths. To do that on an injured stump, I'd say that's pretty freaking awesome. 

Unfortunately, he's paying for it. As soon as he got home that afternoon, he couldn't walk. His stump has been swollen since and he's not able to walk regularly in his socket. He won't be competing in the Banked Slalom Course today like he originally planned, and basically this means that at this point, any chance of getting to the Paralympics is slim to none. 

He may not say it out loud, and I may not agree with it at all, but he's disappointed. Disappointed in himself; in his leg; in this situation that he had absolutely no control over, whatsoever. He's handling it like a champ though. His spirits are up, and he's doing well, but I know it's not easy for him. He would give anything to be out there on the slopes with those guys, and today, it's just not in the cards. It breaks my heart.

The good news in all of this? He's still so young. He's one of the younger and newer riders on the Paralympic circuit. He now has four years to get himself healthy, train and kick ass before the next winter Olympics in 2022. And I cannot WAIT to see how well he does, because I just know he is going to do great things.

This is absolutely his passion, and I love seeing the person this experience has made him. He has grown up so much these past few months and has worked so hard. I couldn't be prouder of him. 

A huge, HUGE thank you to the coaches and managers of Adaptive Action Sports, Daniel & Bryant, for being incredible along this journey. They have been amazing through this and so helpful and supportive as Joe is figuring out this new part of his journey.

From here, Joe will get healthy, continue to train and work for the 2022 Paralympics, and I know he is just going to kill it. So stay tuned, because this is just the beginning.

For more about Joe's story, check out these blogs or Joe's website. 

Engaged?! Congratulations!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m just now getting caught up from the holidays and getting myself back into the swing of things. And yes, it has been a month. A very long month. But between traveling, Joe being home and fighting off sickness, it hasn’t been the most productive.

That all said, I need to get caught up and say Congratulations to all those brides who got engaged over Christmas!

Congratulations! What an exciting time! I’m so happy for you.

It can be a little overwhelming though, can’t it?! I know I was overwhelmed at first. So many questions you have, so many questions from other people, so many decisions to make, so many things to consider. Well, I’m here to help!

As most of you know, I got engaged last summer. And did a few blogs about what the first things I did were after I got engaged, and I thought it might be helpful to bring it back up. So now that some time has passed and I'm sure you're starting to get into more wedding planning mode, here are some blogs to hopefully help!

So You're Engaged...Now What?

Saying Yes to the Dress

Different Wedding Websites

Finding Your Venue

So What Goes on an RSVP Anyways

Anatomy of an Invitation Suite

And what's a blog without some pretty photos? So let's do a little recap of my incredible 2017 brides, who were absolutely amazing and just blew me away. I had such a fun year working with every single bride. Here’s a look back on some of my favorite invitations from last year.

Lizzie & Danny

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography

 Jillian Michelle Photography

Jillian Michelle Photography

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography


Johnna June 2017-0067.jpg
 Bri & Wes Photography

Bri & Wes Photography

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography

 Jason Jarvis Photography

Jason Jarvis Photography

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography

 Photography by Marirosa

Photography by Marirosa

 Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor Photography

How It Started: The Story Behind the Skyline

One of the biggest questions I get at pop-up shops and in person about the Fredericksburg Skyline designs is how did I come up with that? Where did the idea come from?

The real answer is: it happened accidentally. I didn't I wake up one day and know that I wanted to create this Fredericksburg skyline design. It just kind of formed from other ideas and took off from there. So I'll go back to the beginning.

A few years ago, I created a local logo using the skyline as a part of it. I found a real photo of the skyline from across the river, and digitally traced the skyline on my computer.  I incorporated it into what I wanted, and that was it. I didn't really think much of it. It was just....a skyline.

Not too long afterwards, the Burg Box came about, and incorporated the skyline into the logo and the main designs, because it just seemed natural. If the box was about all things Fredericksburg, why wouldn't the graphics reflect that? I also started including the skyline cards in the boxes, which really became my first big hit.

People LOVED the skyline cards. I sold more cards than boxes, and started really connecting with the community about this skyline. Selling these cards was when I had one of the first moments of 'man, this could be something.' But I had no idea how to make it happen or what to do. And of course I was scared, so I just kept moving forward with the boxes because that's what I knew. 

A little bit later, I stopped in to visit a good friend downtown, Catherine at Monkee's of Fredericksburg, and she proposed the idea of creating some skyline shirts and items that she might be able to sell in store. And that's when I really got the courage to start this, even though I won't lie, I was so scared and thought it was going to be a total flop. 

Up until now, most of the Fredericksburg items in the area are civil war based, maybe a little out of date, or tailored towards visitors, not locals and people who have grown up here. To be honest, until I started doing these designs, I didn't own anything Fredericksburg related. 

So I created a few designs to narrow it down from, we brainstormed product ideas, and the brand was born! We started with the t-shirts, cards, and drinkware, and it's grown since then. As most of you know, the gift boxes have since changed, and that's partially because of how well the skyline has done and how much people love it.


Ultimately, I love how this skyline and these gift boxes have brought me closer to this amazing community. The support and love I have received from it is unlike anything else. While it's so much fun coming up with new ideas myself, hearing from YOU about your ideas or suggestions and even just how much you love it, is the best feeling ever. 

You see, there isn't some large corporation behind these skyline products. It's just me. Every t-shirt, every mug, every tumbler, etc. you see at Monkee's or in my shop, has been hand checked. Every state cut-out or watercolor or sign was hand drawn or painted by me. Every order that comes into my shop gets a legit happy dance with my dog and a text to my fiance that I got another order. I'm really just a small town girl who's passionate about her community and happened to stumble upon something that people really like. Isn't that how any business really works?!

Moving forward, I'm looking into new products and activities for the skyline and am always looking to hear from you! If you have an idea or product suggestions, let me know! If you're interested in working with me on a particular project or want to use the skyline for something, please reach out! I would LOVE to work with you and hope to continue to expand the skyline in the future, but I know I can't do it alone, and I don't want to! Your support means everything to me. 

I could never thank Catherine enough for her amazing support and for believing in me and my designs. Without her encouragement, these designs would not have happened. And thank you to all of those who purchase and support local businesses, not just mine, but all of the amazing ones in this area. You have no idea how much it means to us as small business owners. You mean everything to us! 

IMG_8731 (1).JPG
IMG_8728 (1).JPG

Engagement Photos with Hope Taylor Photography

We got so lucky with this weather.

Last year, Joe and I were trying to figure out where and when we wanted to do our engagement photos. And since our wedding was going to be in the fall, we wanted to do something different. Winter seemed like the perfect option because snow is kind of Joe's thing and all. However, with Joe's schedule, it was almost impossible to try to figure out  a way that both Hope and Joe were in town, not to mention have it snow too.

And by some miracle and the grace of God, last Wednesday it snowed.

Now, it wasn't very much at all, and you can barely tell in some photos, but IT DID. So we had originally planned for our photos on Thursday, but as soon as they called for snow, we decided to move it to Wednesday. And the photos on that snowy, wintry day turned out just perfectly. I couldn't be more excited! 

Photos by the amazing Hope Taylor Photography

Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0002.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0007.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0024.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0017.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0004.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0006.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0014.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0018.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0021.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0027.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0020.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0026.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0016.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0010.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0018.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0008.jpg



Hair Highlights | Allie's Cuts and Colors

Red Bow Skirt  | Lady Legacy, Downtown Fredericksburg

Black Long-Sleeve Top by Nikki Bikki | Monkee's of Fredericksburg

Buffalo Plaid Doggy Bow Tie  |  Waggedy Anne's

Engagement Ring | Ulman's Jewelry of Downtown Fredericksburg

White Pea Coat | Old Navy

Long Sleeve Grey Shift Dress | Lulus

Buffalo Plaid Scarf  |  Ann Taylor Loft

Buffalo Plaid Flats | J. Crew

Buffalo Plaid Matching Bracelet & Dog Collar | Friendship Collar

Location on the River | Ficklen Island off of the River Heritage Trail/Canal Path

Location Downtown | Corner of Amelia and Princess Anne Streets