A Little Update

I can’t lie, I’ve actually impressed myself with how well I’ve been doing with keeping up with the blog for the past few months. Like clockwork, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ve been able to have something to share or something I’ve been excited about. Your support via Instagram, comments and emails has made it all worth while. I love writing the blog and keeping you up to date with my business and personal life.

I woke up this morning with a blog idea in mind and sat down to write it, and as I was going through my notes, the words just wouldn’t come. I’m having a bit of a block. While some blogs have been easy to write, others have been really hard. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to continue to share the hardships that I face or that Joe and I face. And while I’ve received nothing but support from friends, family and readers, I still get afraid of judgment every time I hit that ‘Publish button.’

As you probably know, these past few weeks have been really, REALLY hard for us. It’s been hard emotionally, physically and as a business. It’s just a tough season of our lives. And there are a ton of changes going on behind the scenes here at Twila & Co. A lot of things that I cannot WAIT to share with you. And the most important part of it being: A NEW WEBSITE. I cannot wait to share this with you. I am so excited for it. BUT it’s been really hard to continue blogging AND working on the new website AND actually getting my work done. And this morning it just really hit me that I think I need a break from the blog while I continue to make some changes on the back end.

I love that Kat of Dear Sweetheart Event‘s word of the year is intentional. Because that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now. I love this blog and want to continue doing it, but I also think I need to take a step back to truly decide where I want to take it and what posts are intentional for me. There are so many ideas floating around in my head, so many things I want to share…I just need to organize them.

That all said, this will obviously be my last blog post for just a little bit. In my mind, I am giving myself a deadline of May 20th to have the new website completed, a new blogging schedule full of great, intentional posts, and some other new surprises for you. I am so excited with where Twila & Co. is going, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Lastly, a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to my followers and readers. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be possible. Your words of encouragement and your support mean more to me (and Joey) than you will ever know. This break is a bit of a breath of fresh air for me so that I can come back with something even better.