At Home Style

Because I work from home, a lot of people assume I just sit around in my PJs all day working in front of my TV. That is NOT the case.

Not even a little. Yes, sometimes on cold days I'll wear a sweatshirt or sometimes when I need a break I'll check my emails while watching New Girl, but 90% of the time I sit at my desk wearing actual clothes. No, I don't dress in business casual or even jeans for that matter, but a lot of work out gear.

I love workout gear because 1. it's super comfortable, 2. it can match, 3. I don't mind if my clients stop by and see me in this attire, and 4. who doesn't LOVE yoga pants?

So here are a few of my favorite at-home style outfits!

At Home


Outfit 1

Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover in Let's Cha Cha $118

Victoria's Secret Razorback Tank $19.50 or 2/$30

Yoga Pants from Marshall's $16

At Home 3

Outfit 2

Southern Shirt Company Jersey Pullover $52

Old Navy Compression Cinch-Tie Pants $25

Nike Experience Run $65

And if I'm not in work out gear, I'm loving my Brandy Melville leggings with sweaters. If you are looking for a good pair of leggings, I highly recommend the ones from Brandy Melville. They are actually One Size Fits all, which at first kind of threw me off, but I now I absolutely LOVE them. I wear them all the time.

At Home 2

Outfit 3

Old Navy Rib Knit Tank Top $5

Brandy Melville Talulah Top $59

Brandi Melville Leggings  $28

While I still bought a few fall clothing items, my main investment this fall was cuter and nicer workout clothes. Marshall's was a great place to get some yoga pants and tops for good prices too.

What's your At-Home Style?