Branding & Client Gifts

I won't lie...part of me wondered if I should blog about this or not because I don't want to spoil my client gifts for my future clients, but I think it's really important to share with other small business owners. Client gifts help enhance the experience they have when working with you. They add that extra special touch that they might not be expecting and show that you truly care about them. 

Sign-On Gifts | Branding Clients

When a branding client signs on to work with me, I first send them a branding questionnaire that asks all about their style, where they see themselves in 5 years, and most importantly their favorite snacks and drinks. I then send them a gift box of goodies that includestheir favorite snack, their favorite candy, a drink, a pack of note cards and a personalized note. All of the pieces are branded with Twila & Co.'s brand: stickers, wine labels, straws, a little card to follow me on Instagram, and the stationery. A gift box is a great way to market yourself in a very personal and customized way. 

Project Completion | Branding

Whenever I finish a project, I send a papergoods branding package to my clients using their new brand on cards, envelopes, stickers, and a few branding items specific to the clients taste and style. It's such an exciting time when you finish your brand, and providing a starting point for my clients of stationery and paper goods to use makes me so happy. 

Project Completion | Brides

When a bride's wedding invitations and paper goods are completed, I create a gift box that matches their invitations and has their new, married names on it. I usually include a personalized note, monogrammed cards with their new names, a drink and paper straw, and a bag of chocolates or snacks. 

Tips to Create your Client Gifts

  • Match it to your brand | I like to stock up on items that match my brand (paper straws, bags, ribbons, crinkle paper) so that I can throw a box together whenever I need to that represents my brand.
  • Make it personal | I love writing notes to my clients as well as putting their names or brand on pieces as I can. I think it shows that you truly care about your clients as friends and people, and not just as a customer.
  • It should stay something about you | Including something about you lets your client get to know you which is almost as important as you knowing your client. Building a relationship with your client is a two-way street. Sometimes I'll include popcorn from my favorite local popcorn store to show my clients a little bit about where I'm from. I've also heard of designers making their gifts for their clients to share part of their hobbies with their clients. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and provide something that means something to you.