DIY Wedding Card Frame Design

Last weekend, I took a little bit of time for myself; got off my phone and computer and crafted. I can’t tell you the last time I crafted without a…purpose, I guess you would say? I mean I do a lot of crafts for others, and did stuff for my wedding, but this was the first time I did it just for me and for fun. And it was really, really nice! I forgot how much I loved doing small little projects like that.

I shared a lot on my Instagram story and got tons of messages asking about it, so I decided to share it on this weeks blog!

If you’ve recently, or even not recently, gotten married, or maybe you like to keep birthday cards or christmas cards or all cards, basically, if you keep sentimental cards of any kind, you probably have the same question as me- what do you do with them? Do you just keep them in a box to wait until the next time you open them in 5 years? Do you display these huge honkin’ cards somewhere for everyone to see and for them to take up tons of space? I had mine sitting in a bag and box for the longest time.

While in the midst of wedding planning and researching on Pinterest I came across this idea. I can’t take it as my own, although I’m not sure who did it or where I saw it, I just have a random photo screenshotted on my phone, but it’s cutting your cards into tiles and arranging them into a frame.

So that’s what I did! And even though I can’t hang them quite yet, I just LOVE how they turned out. So here’s today’s little tutorial.

Because of what I do for a living, I already had all of the pieces I needed. I get all my crafting supplies at Hobby Lobby usually, but in case you don’t have time to go there, I’ve most of the items to Amazon. The frame is hard because you’ll have to measure and figure out what fits in your home.

Please note that I wasn’t doing this thinking I would be blogging, so some of the photos aren’t the best. I was just doing this for me and I got so many messages about it I wanted to share! And there are probably a lot of other ways to get the same result that I did, but I am not a craft expert, so this is what I had and how I did it.

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors

  • Small piece of Cardboard; at least 2 inches by 2 inches

  • Glue Stick, Rubber Cement or Crafters Tape (I used Crafters Tape)

  • Shadow Box or Frame (I went with frame, but waited until after Step 5 to choose)

  • Clear Tape (has to be clear/see-thru)

  • Staple Gun (For placing glass in frame if you’re not putting a back on it.


STEP 1: Gather all of the cards you want to include. I used all of my bridal shower, bachelorette and wedding cards, but if you’re a keeper of things, you could also do birthday cards, anniversary cards, friendship cards, whatever cards you want!

STEP 2: Decide on what shape you want your tiles to be; just make sure it’s symmetrical and easily fits together. I chose a Hexagon, but you could do squares or rectangles. You could also do circles, but they won’t fit together quite as nicely. Then make a cardboard tile of that shape the size you want it. I did mine about 2 inches by 2 inches, and that made for a big enough size to use for most cards, but not too big.


I printed my shape off on regular computer paper, cut it out and then traced it onto the cardboard rather than measure or eyeball it.

STEP 3: Trace the shapes on the front of the cards over the part you want to be included in the collage. I also traced on the inside of the where guests wrote a message. The pieces don’t necessarily cover everything guests wrote and cut off some parts of what is written, but you can get the gist of what it says. Any cards that had super long messages or something more sentimental, I didn’t end up cutting. So I did save about 5 or 6.


*Side note: if the names of the guest didn’t make it onto the back of the card, I wrote in their names so I knew who wrote it.

STEP 4: Cut out the shapes, but do one card at a time. I only cut out the front and the inside one card at a time so I didn’t get them confused. Once both of them are cut, using my crafters tape (or glue stick or rubber cement), I glue them together- on the front of it is the front of the card, and then flipped over so you can still read it, the written words from guests on the back.

Front of the Card

Front of the Card

Inside of the card

Inside of the card


STEP 5: Once all of the cards were cut and glued, I arranged them based on the color and design. One of the cards I got that I really loved was a champagne shaped bottle with glitter and water (or some solution) in it. I couldn’t cut it up, so it inspired me to make it look like a champagne bottle was being popped. And since the champagne card was gold, I used all my white and gold and then added in pink cards. I arranged them by color to give the overall feel a little more rhythm.

I did have extra colors, blacks, greys, blues, so I ended up making a few different frames and grouped like colors together: blacks/greys/silvers and then all the blues. When I hang them, I’ll either go for a gallery wall type thing or I’ll put them in different rooms.


STEP 6: Once it’s arranged, measure the size of how you arranged it, that will determine the size of the frame. I bought a frame based on the arrangement, rather than the other way around. I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought a few options.

STEP 7: Once you have your frames and arrangement, I used the clear tape to tape them to the glass. I used small pieces and taped at the top and bottom.

STEP 8: Add the background of your choice! I am choosing to keep my frames open because I want to be able to see the backs of the cards if I want to, however, you may want to put a backing in there to help hold it in place.

For keeping the frames open, I used my staple gun to hold the glass in. To do this, I place the staple gun about a quarter of an inch away from where i wanted the staple to go, shooting the staple into the frame and then it would stick out about a quarter of an inch, therefor holding the glass in place. You could also use a small nail; just make sure you leave the nail head out enough to hold the glass in.

STEP 9: (I have yet to do this myself yet, but….) Hang them! You’re all done! Now, rather than having a random box of cards that will just sit there, you have a beautiful reminder of an amazing time in your life.

And voila!

Now you have a more fun way to display your wedding cards.






Champagne | Poppin’ bottles


Halloween Styled Shoots

My obsession with scary movies and haunted things came when I was little. Starting with reading Goosebumps books and watching the VHS’s with my brother growing up, to spending summers picking out old school horror films at the video store to watch with my siblings, to now watching pretty much anything scary I can get my hands on…when Joey’s not around hahaha.

So last year, when I was asked to be a part of a styled shoot that was very out of the ordinary and also involved one of my favorite things, I obviously couldn’t say no. However, the photos came out a little too late to post last year so I’ve had to wait a whole year to share them with you! And I’m SO STOKED.

This styled shoot came to life by Christina Moore and they are masterminds. I honestly had no idea that the photos were gonna be so elegantly haunting, if that’s even a thing. I just love how different these are, how representative they are of each cult classic, and how beautiful they turned out.

A huge thanks to the team for bringing me into this shoot and to everyone involved and encouraging me to do something different. From the Poltergeist label invitation on a VHS to the deckled and ripped edges for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I love seeing it all come together.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

2017-10-24_0020 (1).jpg
2017-10-24_0010 (1).jpg


2017-10-23_0026 (1).jpg
2017-10-23_0029 (1).jpg


2017-10-23_0016 (1).jpg


Photographer |  Bakerture Photography and Video 

Planning, Design, and Concept | Christina Moore of Bella Giornata Events & Design

Paper Goods | Twila & Co.

Florals |  Blushing Blooms Event Florist

Furniture |  The Silver Stagg Revival House 

Antique Props |  Medusa’s Attic

Bridal Gown |  Ava Laurenne Bride

Floral Crown Workshop

Two weeks ago I took a {much needed} break to visit my work wife, Caitlin of Third Clover, and attend a Floral Crown Workshop in Maryland. It was so nice to get out of town a little bit and do something different yet still creative. Lately, I've been in a bit of a creative slump and I was having a really hard time pulling myself out of it, so doing something different was just what I needed!

It was a really cool event out at M&M Plants & Flower Garden. When we got there, they had a potluck and wine waiting, buckets and buckets of gorgeous flowers and all the fixins' to make a flower crown. 

To start out, we had some instruction on the basics of creating the crown and there were some awesome florists and floral designers there to help. Once you picked out your flowers, you just kind of went for it! I started with the basis of the crown part, basically a few pieces of metal wrapped in the green floral tape. Then I added in greenery to fluff the whole thing up, and the final step i took was adding in small bouquets of flowers all along the crown. Now, by no means did I do this 'right' but I think it turned out okay!

There were lots of different ways to do the crowns, wire, floral tape, floral glue, so it was nice to see how the different mediums work and how people used them (especially since I'm doing my own florals for the wedding).

I had a ton of fun getting to know some new lovely ladies that also work in the wedding industry, and of course spending lots of quality time with Caitlin. Supporting local vendors by attending their workshops is so much fun because not only am I helping them out, but I'm also learning something new! 

So if you're looking for something new and different to do, I would definitely check out your local area for a floral workshops, or maybe a cake class or calligraphy- even if you're nervous like I can get, it's totally worth it and so much fun! 


Petals by the shore

M&M Plants & Flower Garden 

Petal Patch Flower Farm

Belle Blooms Farm

Hidden Ridge

Rose Gold Events & Styling

unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (17).jpg
unnamed (15).jpg
unnamed (16).jpg
the flower selection was amazing

the flower selection was amazing

teaching us how to do it

teaching us how to do it

unnamed (7).jpg
unnamed (10).jpg
unnamed (9).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg

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Special Announcement

Oh my gosh, I am BEYOND excited to make today's announcement! This has been a thought for a little while of mine, and after working with my friends over at Wine & Design, we've finally been able to make it happen...

I'm teaching a Fredericksburg Skyline Wine & Design Class!

Yup, that's right! I am just SO excited about this that it's been hard not to tell anyone. I've been working with Michelle with the Fredericksburg Wine & Design to create a Starry Night of the Fredericksburg Skyline. I'll be instructing the class as well as offering custom lettering at each event for an additional fee. You can get 'Fredericksburg' or your family name or whatever you'd like on it! 

Pending how this class goes, we could be doing additional classes, however for this first class, there are only 20 tickets available, so get yours quickly (scroll down)!

Hope to see you there!



FXBG Skyline Wine & Design Class

March 29th

6:30 - 8:30pm

107 Washington St Fredericksburg VA 22405

How It Started: The Story Behind the Skyline

One of the biggest questions I get at pop-up shops and in person about the Fredericksburg Skyline designs is how did I come up with that? Where did the idea come from?

The real answer is: it happened accidentally. I didn't I wake up one day and know that I wanted to create this Fredericksburg skyline design. It just kind of formed from other ideas and took off from there. So I'll go back to the beginning.

A few years ago, I created a local logo using the skyline as a part of it. I found a real photo of the skyline from across the river, and digitally traced the skyline on my computer.  I incorporated it into what I wanted, and that was it. I didn't really think much of it. It was just....a skyline.

Not too long afterwards, the Burg Box came about, and incorporated the skyline into the logo and the main designs, because it just seemed natural. If the box was about all things Fredericksburg, why wouldn't the graphics reflect that? I also started including the skyline cards in the boxes, which really became my first big hit.

People LOVED the skyline cards. I sold more cards than boxes, and started really connecting with the community about this skyline. Selling these cards was when I had one of the first moments of 'man, this could be something.' But I had no idea how to make it happen or what to do. And of course I was scared, so I just kept moving forward with the boxes because that's what I knew. 

A little bit later, I stopped in to visit a good friend downtown, Catherine at Monkee's of Fredericksburg, and she proposed the idea of creating some skyline shirts and items that she might be able to sell in store. And that's when I really got the courage to start this, even though I won't lie, I was so scared and thought it was going to be a total flop. 

Up until now, most of the Fredericksburg items in the area are civil war based, maybe a little out of date, or tailored towards visitors, not locals and people who have grown up here. To be honest, until I started doing these designs, I didn't own anything Fredericksburg related. 

So I created a few designs to narrow it down from, we brainstormed product ideas, and the brand was born! We started with the t-shirts, cards, and drinkware, and it's grown since then. As most of you know, the gift boxes have since changed, and that's partially because of how well the skyline has done and how much people love it.


Ultimately, I love how this skyline and these gift boxes have brought me closer to this amazing community. The support and love I have received from it is unlike anything else. While it's so much fun coming up with new ideas myself, hearing from YOU about your ideas or suggestions and even just how much you love it, is the best feeling ever. 

You see, there isn't some large corporation behind these skyline products. It's just me. Every t-shirt, every mug, every tumbler, etc. you see at Monkee's or in my shop, has been hand checked. Every state cut-out or watercolor or sign was hand drawn or painted by me. Every order that comes into my shop gets a legit happy dance with my dog and a text to my fiance that I got another order. I'm really just a small town girl who's passionate about her community and happened to stumble upon something that people really like. Isn't that how any business really works?!

Moving forward, I'm looking into new products and activities for the skyline and am always looking to hear from you! If you have an idea or product suggestions, let me know! If you're interested in working with me on a particular project or want to use the skyline for something, please reach out! I would LOVE to work with you and hope to continue to expand the skyline in the future, but I know I can't do it alone, and I don't want to! Your support means everything to me. 

I could never thank Catherine enough for her amazing support and for believing in me and my designs. Without her encouragement, these designs would not have happened. And thank you to all of those who purchase and support local businesses, not just mine, but all of the amazing ones in this area. You have no idea how much it means to us as small business owners. You mean everything to us! 

IMG_8731 (1).JPG
IMG_8728 (1).JPG