Creative Rut


And another weekend is over. Is it just me, or does time move faster and fast as we get older? Its crazy. When I was younger, I remember some days feeling like they lasted forever. And now, there isn't enough time in the day.

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was in a creative rut, and I was taking some time off of the blog to focus on other things like our website and taking new photos. Well, I did that. I even rearranged my entire house and decorated for fall. I've changed my work locations and worked from my living room, my sun room, Starbucks, Capital Teas, anywhere. I've browsed blog after blog. I've sat on Pinterest for hours. I've journaled. I've listened to varying types of music.

And while all of this is great, I'm still not out of this rut.

Something hasn't been clicking and I can't figure out what. Does my brain have too many tabs open? Are there too many things going on that I can't hone in on my creativity? I have all of these ideas, but I can't make them happen. Do I need better motivation?

Maybe I need a change of season. I know I'm ready for fall- for a change in weather, wardrobe, and pace. I'm ready to see the leaves change and enjoy the crisp nights.

So what do you do when you're in a rut? How do you try to be inspired? Do you try or do you just let it be? xoxojohnna