Defining Your Wedding Theme

Okay brides, this one is for you! It can be so overwhelming to get engaged! Amazing, exciting, and wonderful, of course – but overwhelming was one of my top adjectives, too. When you first get engaged, the details go swirling through your mind amidst squeals and giggles and, if you’re anything like me, tears! My favorite piece of advice I ever got was firstly, to enjoy the engagement! Don’t wish it away and start the planning that night. Just enjoy having a ring on your finger and celebrate for a few weeks. Secondly, pick a theme and stick to it.

Pick a theme and stick to it. It seems so simple! But then Pinterest shows you that you could go for a whimsical, romantic feel. Or you could do a modern, art-gallery-esque wedding. But how would mason jars fit into that? Can you have a black tie affair with a barbecue? It can be tough to decide what you want. But the theme of your wedding dictates everything else – it can affect your venue, your dress, the food, what your groom wears, and countless other things! The theme is a critical part of making a wedding come together.

Allison for Twila - Defining Your Wedding Theme pic

Ask yourself some questions about how you want your wedding to “feel” – feelings can be hard to describe, I know, but you can do it! Do you envision a cozy, family affair? Maybe you imagine yourself floating down the aisle to a violin, or incorporating your unique heritage. There could be something that “defines” your relationship – your groom may be a die-hard West Virginia Mountaineer fan, like mine, for example! Look for trends that you emulate in your everyday life. After all, your wedding should be an extension of you and your groom. If you are both quirky and adventurous, perhaps a formal wedding isn’t the best fit. Is your home decorated like a Southern Living magazine? Maybe "country-comfort" is your theme. Perhaps you and your fiance are world travelers - that's a perfect fit for a wedding!

And don’t forget, your wedding coordinator is there to help you! It can be reassuring to have an unbiased opinion when making decisions about a wedding style, whether it be adjectives (glamorous, rustic, etc.), or nouns (a party, a barbecue, etc.). Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we love the individuality that each bride and groom bring to their wedding. Creativity and coordination are our strong suits, and with our help, we can guarantee that your wedding well be completely unique and completely you.