Garden Party


I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has been such a blur. I'm getting ready to leave for the Dominican Republic for a week with Joe and his family, and I couldn't be more excited! This will be the first vacation that I'm not taking a computer or checking my email in 3 years. AHH I won't lie- it's making me a little bit nervous.  While I definitely will NOT bring my computer, I still kind of want to check my email just to make sure things are going smoothly, but I realize that sometimes you just really need to unplug and unwind completely. So that's what I'll be doing.

Not to worry though, I'll be leaving everything in the very capable hands of Jeri. So if there is a DIRE need, she's your girl.

Anyways, before I head out I wanted to share a garden party invitation I finished up this week.  I'm loving these colors and style for the summer. The Carolyna Font (the font used for Garden Party) is quickly becoming one of my favorite fonts. It's readable, swirly, fun and just a little bit formal. A great summer font.

These invitations were part of a give-a-way we were involved with earlier this year through the Old Silk Mill of Downtown Fredericksburg.  The Old Silk Mill is literally an refinished silk mill that sits down by the river. It has an amazing feel to it and is great for any wedding or occasion.  The winner of the give-a-way is working with Jeri on planning the event and I designed the invitation and RSVP.





Enjoy your week next week! See you when I return :)