Music Monday: Connor Christian and Southern Gothic

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I got to enjoy some wines at the Reston Great Grapes Wine Festival. What a beautiful day Saturday was!

You may have heard about today's band already, as I've seen their music video for 'Sheets Down' on some country music video stations, but if not, you DEFINITELY need to listen. I have already decided that this song is going to be this year's summer song for me. Not to mention there's even a fiddle...


Connor Christian and Southern Gothic are a bluegrass country band, which has definitely been where my taste has been lately. My favorite song from their album, New Hometown, is 'Sheets Down.' It's fun, makes me wanna dance, and everyone I've played it for so far has fallen in love with it. It just puts you in a great mood.

The rest of the CD is great too, I've been able to put it on and just roll through some work and enjoy it.


Wanna make a playlist with other songs like this one? Try some of these songs too:


  • The White Buffalo- Sleepy Little Town
  • Gareth Dunlop- Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  • Sara Haze- Moonshine
  • The Deep Dark Woods- My Baby's Got To Pay the Rent
  • Gareth Dunlop- Step Inside
  • Eric Culberson Band- Stars in Your Tears
  • Old Corw Medicine Show- Down Home Girl
  • Passender-Traveling Song
  • Ten Mile Tide- You and Me Gonna Get Drunk Tonight
  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- That's What's Up
  • Old 97's- Indefinitely
  • Turnpike Troubadours- Blue Star

Or follow my Bluegrass Favs playlist on Spotify.