Sock Bun Curls

I have been seeing this idea on Pinterest and YouTube this new rage of Sock Bun Curls and I really wanted to try it.[youtube]

So I did. While I didn't necessarily get the curls that she got (my hair is a bit shorter), I got some good volume and a good head start to my morning routine. Last night, I showered and blew dry my hair straight (I have naturally curly hair). I put a little bit of gel and product in it before blow drying it. I put my hair into a ponytail and rolled it up.

Then I went to sleep! When I woke up, I pulled it out and it looked like this.

The volume was great...

The curls only looked okay. But it was a great start and I spent about half the time on my hair this morning that I would have otherwise.


Soo...Once I fixed up the ends with a half-inch curling iron...

It was done and where I wanted it to be.

Would I do it again? Yes! Because I loved the volume I had (and still have) and it make my hair very soft and fluffy. Note: I only used a light gel, I did not use any hair spray, so my hair has a very soft and light feel to it. It cut my hair time in half this morning and I still got a great result. If you have shorter hair, I would probably recommend doing two buns lower down, OR (and this is going to be my next test) try these little buns instead!