Southern Pride: Where taking it easy is serious business.

I stumbled upon a great blog the other day called Back Down South which I loved from the second I saw the bow tie in the header. They feature my two favorite things in this world: great clothes and great music.

While the music is great and I've discovered some great artists from them (Matthew Mayfield) and as well as REdiscovered my love for the oldies (James Taylor), what I've loved the most is the introduction to some great new southern retailers. My affinity for southern t-shirts has been going since we started traveling to NC during the summers in my wee babe years. And their list of retailers is making it WAYYYY to easy to find the shirts I love all too much. Not only do I love the style, but I love all that it represents: tradition, taking it easy, outdoors, drinking, and good company.

Before you see all the pretty pictures, press play to listen to it right. [youtube]

This is a long sleeve shirt from Southern Point Co. Who doesn't love a bow tie around a good gun?

I love the logo for the Brewer's Lantern. The also have matching camo coozies.

Collared Greens = MADE IN AMERICA.

Who doesn't love a good day of crabbing? Check out Coast: Where taking it easy is serious business.

Duckstamped. One day I will have a pup like this one from Southern Marsh.

And of course the classic of the classics: Southern Proper. My favorite is 9. It is a guaranteed Bourbon getter.

And then I found the best site: Volunteer Traditions with a whole line devoted to VIRGINIA. I am in love. They even have Virginia bow ties. What else says southern pride than supporting your own heritage and state?