Leigh Ann & Ben | 718 Venue Wedding

This snowy, wintry day calls for a warm winter wedding full of emerald greens, faux furs, and greenery, don’t you think?

Back in December, I got an email from Meg Flores of Happy To Be Events about an urgent wedding request due to a family emergency. I was in Colorado at the time, but after hearing their story, I immediately knew I had to hep however I could.

You see, Leigh Ann’s father didn’t have a lot of time left. He was passing away from terminal brain cancer. Leigh Ann and Ben wanted to get married before he passed. Meg did an incredible job of planning this small wedding/elopement in just SIX DAYS. And let me tell you, these photos don’t look like it was planned in less than a week. They are gorgeous.

Meg and Leigh Ann just wanted one invitation. Something that matched the wedding and wouldn’t take too long to design or update. So I sent them over a few options of already designed pieces that we could just update with their information. The tricky part here was that I was in Colorado and not in Virginia. But after a few phone calls and emails to Meg to walk her through printing one sheet of invitations on her own, I’d say she pulled it off completely! She truly worked some magic for this entire wedding.

I was so honored to be just a small part of this beautiful wedding that was full of so much love.


Vendor List

Coordination, Planning, and Styling: Happy to Be Events

Ceremony Venue: 718 Venue

Photography and Videography: Rowlands Photography 

Restaurant: Castiglia's Restaurant

Designer: Vagabond Co

Florist: Blushing Blooms

Bakery: Kadi Bakes

Stationer: Twila and Co

Rentals: Something Vintage

Makeup: Glamper Salon

Bridal Furs: Bash Boutique

Gown and Veil: Ava Laurenne

Alterations: C-talents

Jewelry: Fredericksburg Jewelers

Decor Elements: Fraser Wood Elements

The surgery is over!

Well, the surgery is over. We're back at the apt we rented in Chicago and we are trying to relax, even though we are in a strange place and we'd rather be back in Virginia in the comfort of our own home. Judge all you want, but I am listening to Christmas music today and I'm loving it. It's comforting and makes me feel not so far from home.

Thursday was a long day. It's easy to be strong through most of this process. Although it's not an ideal situation, life isn't always ideal, and we learn to make the most of what we are given. The time leading up to the surgery is just time; you can't let an impending surgery ruin your plans or your life. So you live, and you prep all you can but its never truly 'real' until you get to the hospital and before you know it, you're saying I love you and good bye for the last time before they take him back.

And all of a sudden, it hits you. You are no longer in control. You put the person you love most into the hands of a surgeon and nurses and anesthesiologist...and most importantly, into the hands of God. And that time between when he goes back to the operating room until you hear from the doctor are the most heart wrenching, helpless, anxiety filled hours of your life. There's absolutely nothing you can do.

And over 5 hours later, when I finally saw Joe, that he was in one piece, breathing, laughing...it's like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I'm just so glad it's over; that the recovery process can begin and we can hopefully start a new, painless chapter of our lives. 

The doctor said they ended up fusing 4 nerves instead of 3 (which is the first time they've ever done that) and it took a bit longer than expected because Joe's nerves were twice the size of normal nerves and the biggest the Doctor has ever seen (click here for a recap of what Joe's surgery was). 

Joe and I have had a good weekend of lots of rest, TV and laughter. He truly is my best friend and no matter what happens, as long as we're together we are happy. He is mostly resting comfortably, although he does have bouts of phantom pain, which the doctor said is normal and is going to get worse before it gets better. 

His spirits are really great- he amazes me every day. He's still the goof we all know, and hasn't lost any of his sense of humor. At least this time he didn't scare a nurse into near tears on her first day...

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and thoughts throughout all of this; we truly could not have done it without you. As hard as it was sitting in that waiting room on Thursday, I knew there were tons of people all over thinking about us and praying for us and I could feel it, and it helped me through. Thank you again! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us from here!

This is what happens when you slept on a cot all night and the doctors wake you up every 3 hours to take vitals: you fall asleep in the afternoon watching Rick & Morty and your boyfriend's mom takes pictures of you. 

This is what happens when you slept on a cot all night and the doctors wake you up every 3 hours to take vitals: you fall asleep in the afternoon watching Rick & Morty and your boyfriend's mom takes pictures of you. 

Reunited with the best pup in the whole world!

Reunited with the best pup in the whole world!

My goofballs

My goofballs