Throwing it back...

Lately, I can’t seem to get enough of 80s pop hits. Don’t ask me why, but they have been putting me in a great mood and just seem to hit the spot. I have been working on a great 80s stations on Pandora, and with a little work, it has turned into my favorite music to listen to while at work. Artists that have captivated me:

Billy Ocean- Get outta my dreams and into my car, Caribbean Queen, When the going gets tough Madonna- any 80s songs are hits Lionel Richie- You are Janet Jackson- Escapade, Runaway Go West- King of Wishful Thinking Phil Collins- Easy Lover

One of the reasons I truly love music is the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beat and anything I can dance to, but I just love a good song quote. I am constantly looking for new lyrics to quote and my latest 80s infatuation has fulfilled it. Here are some of my motivational favorites so far.

While you see a chance by Steve Winwood Stand up in a clear blue morning Until you see what can be While you see a chance, take it Because it’s all on you

When the going gets tough by Billy Ocean I’m gonna put this dream in motion Never let nothing stand in my way When the going gets tough The tough gets going

And last, but not least, the classic: Love is a battlefield by Pat Benetar We are young Heartache to heartache we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield We are strong No one can tell us we’re wrong Searchin’ our hears for so long Both of us knowing Love is a battlefield