'Tipped Out'

So I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day and, as per usual, just fell in love with the idea: colored hair tips. I had seen variations of it before, but just really loved this one. So of course my mind started wandering and thinking about doing it to my hair.

I have broken hair care rule NUMERO UNO and haven't had my hair cut in almost 6 months (oops!). So, my hair is in desperate need for a cut, but my stylist can't fit me in for a few weeks. I am well aware that she's going to want to take off 2-4 inches, so I decided that (since it'll be cut off in a few weeks anyways) to take the plunge and have some colors hair for a bit.

After a little research and tutorial at this BLOG, I bought a bleach kit, turquoise dye and a dark blue dye and went to work!

Here's my hair beforehand.

After I bleached the tips, we painted on the dye.

I got my hands a little dirty...

On the first attempt, I got impatient and didn't let the dye on long enough, so I made them do it one more time. (Sorry, Meghan!)

Second attempt was much better!

And I love it.