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Hi friends, Allison here! I am probably like many of you reading, in that I have Pinterest boards for just about everything in life. Wedding inspiration (for myself and Twila brides, as well!), recipes, workouts, career tips, and other pretty pictures are plastered all over my Pinterest boards. I scour other Pinterest pages trying to find inspiration and ideas, sometimes for hours at a time (oops!). It's such a great tool for creatives, and I encourage everyone to use it. I am here to sing Pinterest praises. It's the perfect place to go when you're feeling in a creative stump or need a little improving a project. But, of course, they did that on purpose!

“Our mission is twofold. The first half is to help people discover the things that they love. The second half is to enable people to go out and act on those things, to make them actually part of their life.”   - Evan Sharp, who started Pinterest with CEO Ben Silbermann in 2009.

Allison for Twila - How Pinterest has Changed our Perception - pic

I've thought to myself before - "how did anything get done before Pinterest?" It is so refreshing to see DIY projects that were successfully completed, new recipes that boyfriends or families devoured, and I especially love home improvement projects! I feel happy and giddy for the people creating these memories and going on adventures, and I don't even know them!

Now, there has been some negative backlash about competitive-Pinteresting (oh my) and how it can perpetuate chasing a "perfect" lifestyle, where everything is homemade and beautiful, and nothing is ever out-of-place. I totally disagree! It's about trying new things, taking on what challenges you, and forming a community of like-minded people (thanks to the 380 people that follow me!).

Allison for Twila - How Pinterest has Changed our Perception - Pinterest successes


When I'm looking for Pinspiration, I usually look to the Pinterest pages of Still Being MollyAshley Brooke DesignsHeart Love Always, and other small business creatives! Who do you look for when you need a Pinterest pick-me-up? And show me all of your fabulous Pinspired accomplishments - I would love to see them!



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