America's Favorite Pasttime

I can't lie, I'm a little bit sleepy this morning! Yesterday, I went to Washington DC with my dad, brother, and sister for a Nationals Game. So I didn't get home til late! My dad is a long time Pittsburgh Pirates fan, but the rest of us our Nationals fans. So when the opportunity came to go to a Pirates vs. Nationals game, of course we took it!

Sean hooked us up with some great seats behind Home Plate.


We went to Cantina Marina on the waterfront for dinner before the game. We got the SUPER nachos. They were HUGE and delicious as they were topped with steak, chili, cheese, shrimp, andouille, avocado, and jalapenos.


When we first arrived to the stadium, of course we saw the presidents. They're hard to miss. So Jeri and I got our picture taken with Teddy.


What a couple of goobers! It was quite entertaining to have my dad cheering for the Pirates while the rest of us booed...I mean...cheered for the Nats.


One of my favorite things about Nationals Park is the food. First, because it's delicious and second, because it's really gluten free friendly. They even have an entire stand dedicated to gluten free foods that include pork BBQ on a gluten free bun, a hot dog on a gluten free bun, gluten free beer, candies, chips and more. It's amazing. And if you go to the pretzel place near the entrance, they have amazing gluten free pretzel bites. I was eating them, and half of me kind of wondered if they were really gluten free because they were so good. Don't worry...they were.

And what's a baseball game without peanuts?


We had some really great neighbors in the seats down the row from us. And towards the end of the game, he caught a fly ball! How cool is that?!


While the game was rather uneventful until the very end, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening for a baseball game. Not too hot and a great breeze.


If you live anywhere near the DC area, you should really attend at least one game. It's a great time in an awesome atmosphere. And tickets aren't too bad!

What's baseball team do you root for?

xo- Johnna