Beach Week Post 1: Stormy Beach Nights

stormy nights So this is the first post of many this week about my time at the beach last week. I was in Duck, NC all week with my family. It was amazing! I love Duck because while it is a part of the Outer Banks and close to everything, it's still it's own little town with tons to do and see, inhabited by some amazing people. Later this week, I'll share all my favorite places just in case you ever find yourself visiting.

Waking up to the rain this morning, I decided there was no better theme to do today than beach storms! I mean, I know you go to the beach for the sun and the sand, but sometimes there isn't much better than sitting on the deck watching a beautiful storm roll in over the ocean.

storm 1

I especially love when you see the lines of the storm clouds as they move in. They were so ominous.

storm 2

And I got incredibly lucky. I was standing at the edge of the path from our house taking these photos...

(Here's my view of the house)


There happened to be a few lightning strikes in a row, and I got incredibly lucky to catch the 2nd or 3rd on camera.

Isn't it gorgeous? The lightning was incredible over the water.


My Aunt Rhonda and I tried to catch more photos of the lightning, but it was tough! We couldn't get the timing right. It made this picture even more incredible.

And the storms continued to roll in...

moved in

And here's a view from the sound side of Duck, NC.


What's your favorite thing to do during a good thunderstorm?