Behind the Scenes: Twila Wedding Photoshoot


This week is all about our Spring Wedding Issue of Twila Magazine! Today we have a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of the photoshoot, Wednesday is the MAGAZINE RELEASE including an announcement from Twila and the public announcement of the winners from our wedding feature contest, and Friday we have a how-to tutorial. Yay! We are so excited to show you what we've been working so hard on lately. So for today's behind the scenes blog, I asked our intern, Lexy, to write a little something for you about her experience behind the scenes with us. The photoshoot was amazing, and we all had such a great time. A HUGE thank you to all of our vendors and contributors, as we couldn't have done it with out you!


A little note from Lexy... The photoshoot for the spring issue of Twila could not have been on a more beautiful Sunday afternoon! Spirits were high and everyone was so excited to see the incredible dresses and the sparkling displays. To make it even more amazing every direction you turned there were deserts galore. makeup It all began as the models each got their hair and makeup done and got in the first of many wedding dresses! Both of our models were absolutely incredible and so excited to be a huge part of this experience! One of the models, was actually recently newly engaged so this was a little hair, makeup and dress trial run for her! Also as the weather outside was way too perfect to not take advantage of, we made a point to take photos outside in the sunshine! The first setting was nautical themed and  was full of aqua and pearls! It featured some awesome little cupcakes that even had little pearls on them to decorate! The models got to try some of the delicious treats (after photos were taken of them of course (: ).


The second setting was Moroccan themed with an incredible cake that was just out of this world. The set featured pinks, oranges, and was just a fun theme all around! The final shoot, was Gatsby themed and featured candles, gold sparkles, and some champagne and it was my very favorite! It's so incredible how something so simple like black and gold, can really add up and really create such a beautiful setting! Twila Advertising Sheet-01

The shoot went incredibly smooth and we are so excited to release our spring issue of Twila for you read!

And lastly, a super sneak peek at our latest cover from the shoot! We really are SO excited to share this issue with you. Wednesday can't come soon enough!Twila Spring 2014 Cover SMall

And a HUGE thank you to our amazing photographer Minh from Instant de vie Photography for her time and amazing eye for photos. None of this would be possible without your talents! 

xoxo, Johnna