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Happy Monday, ya'll! 

Today's blog I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite free graphic design, photo, planning and font websites with you! Because who doesn't love free stuff?? I'm the kind of person that saves EVERYTHING (I'm talking graphics, fonts, photos, etc.) because you never know when you're going to need it. You may have to join some mailing lists, but believe me, it's totally worth it!

Creative Market  |  Join their mailing list for six free goods every Monday. It ranges from stock photos, to social media templates, to fonts, to imagery. Every week is different and I'm always so excited for that email.

SC Stock Photo  |  Join their mailing list for one free stock photo every month.  Shay Cochrane is incredible and so is her photography. I love snagging her monthly photos (along with other photos in her shop!) and hanging on to them to use. They are great stock photos to edit or add verbiage too for Instagram or Social Media.

Shutterfly  | guessed it...Join their mailing list! They do send more emails than the other two website, BUT they are always giving away cards, prints, calendars, etc. I almost always take advantage of these and use the freebies for my brand. I upload graphics and logos and just pay for shipping! 

Unsplash  |  You don't have to join a list for Unsplash! Just create an account and you can snag some free photos. Be aware of their usage policies for different photos.

Free Images  |  Another great source for free images! Just be sure to read the descriptions and fine print as to what they can be used for. 

Font Squirrel  |  If you're look for new free fonts, Font Squirrel has some great fonts that aren't your normal 'Microsoft Word' fonts. 

Later App  |  For the first 30 posts every month, the Later App is a great Instagram planning and posting app. I can schedule posts with photos and hashtags from my computer, and then post from my phone. I can also see my Instagram feed and plan photos accordingly. It's seriously a game changer.

Boomerang for Gmail  |  Boomerang is an app for Gmail where you can send emails at a later time or pause your inbox. I try to keep my business hours pretty strict as a way to maintain some sort of work/life balance. However, there are definitely times where I work passed my said business hours to get caught up on emails. When I do this, I schedule my emails to go out as soon as the next business hours are so it looks like I'm still within my business hours. 

When it comes to pausing my inbox, I answer emails in the morning and in the evening, and pause my inbox during the day to allow me time to get actual work done and get caught up. I have a habit of doing 100 things at once, and that includes habitually checking my email every time something comes through. To keep my distractions down, I know pause my inbox so I can actually focus.

For all free resources, make sure to read the fine print to know where and for what these items are allowed to be used. If credit needs to be acknowledged, make sure to give a shout out to them! We are all in this together

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