Creative At Heart Business Recap

download1This morning’s blog comes from Georgetown Hospital! I am hanging out in the waiting room while Joe’s in surgery. I can’t lie, it’s very weird and emotional being back in the same hospital where Joe had his amputation last June. It's definitely not quite as 'dark,' but it's bringing back a lot of the feels. Especially waiting for him to get out of surgery.

I can’t lie, today is going to be hard. Well, at least this morning. Until Joe is out of his surgery, until I hear that everything went well and he’s awake and doing good, I am going to be an inner mess. He’s my love; my other half; my biggest supporter and fan. I don’t even want to think about something going wrong. So I am going to blog, answer some emails and distract myself.

But the fear is still there.

Luckily, I have amazing friends and supporters just like last year to help me get through, including so many amazing people from last weekend’s conference. Which is a small (not so subtle?) segway into today’s topic: Creative at Heart Business Recap.

(All of this ties together I promise.)

I left the conference with so many amazing lessons that I cannot wait to tackle for my business: branding, SEO, website, social media, brand loyalty, etc. It’s hard to wrap my mind around it all at once because there’s just so much I want to do! One of the biggest things almost every speaker touched on was finding your ‘niche’ or what makes you different from others.  This is something I’ve really been struggling with; trying to decide who my ideal client is, who my target audience is, or even just what my missions and values are. Nothing has seemed to click.

As I was sitting there listening to Jessica Marie of Simply Jessica Marie, I was answering different questions about those things, including describing myself. My first two descriptions were creative and goofy, and then my next one was ‘caretaker.’

And it was like something just clicked.

I live with 3 boys, whom I absolutely adore. I take care of them, cook for them, clean up after them and I honestly love it. I love being the ‘mama bear’ of our little household. Throughout all of Joe’s surgeries, learning to walk again and through our journey this past year, I have taken care of him in any and every way I possible could. Because that’s what was in my heart to do. Because I wanted to. When someone is sick, needs a ride, a helping hand or even a shoulder to cry on, there is something inside of me that automatically wants to do everything I can to make them feel better or fix it.

I am a care taker.

And if I do that in my personal life, why shouldn’t I be able to translate that into my business?

And that's when my niche really hit me. I want to be able to take care of my clients the way I take care of the people I love. I want to take my business to the next level by making my clients become my friends and building better relationships with them by doing what I do best, taking care of them.

It seems like such a simple concept, right? Like, why didn’t I think of this before? I think that sometimes I get so busy trying to get everything done that I forget to add that personal touch. But if I make it my MISSION to be this way in all aspects of my business, perhaps I would remember to take a few more seconds before sending that email or to take that extra step to really take care of my client.

This revelation is why I went to creative at heart (other than the amazing community obviously). I needed to find that place in my heart that also relayed to my business. I couldn’t be more excited to take this lesson with me as I build the future of Twila & Co. And I owe it all to the amazing speakers at Creative at Heart who built upon each other and made us think out of the box to get the truth behind why we do what we do.

Photos by Anna Bowser Photography

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