DIY Desk Chair Make Over


My mom had this old computer chair in her garage for a long time. It was in pretty good condition, but she had gotten a new one and had no need for it. So when I was decorating my new office, she offered it to me. At first, I was a little hesitant as I wanted a nicer chair, but then realized I could probably reupholster it and change its whole look.

I finally got around to reupholstering it last week when I needed a little project away from my computer for an evening. So I picked up some fabric from Joann's, pulled out my Staple gun, and went to work.

Need a desk or computer chair? Try Craig's List. I've gotten some great furniture off of there, and always see people trying to get rid of their old desk chairs for $10. Just make sure you take someone with you to pick it up :).

If you don't have a Staple gun, I definitely suggest making the $10-$20 investment. I bought one to make my own canvases to paint (they are crazy expensive, but relatively cheap to make yourself) and now use it all the time: putting up lights on my deck, reupholstering, cork boards...the possibilities are endless! It's like a hot glue gun. It's never a bad thing to have on hand.

Anyways, here's what you'll need.


Desk Chair | Staple Gun | Staples | 'Ring Around' Fabric by HGTV

Isn't that fabric amazing? I searched Joann's Fabrics for at least 30 minutes, and almost walked out with nothing until I saw this gorgeous fabric way back in a corner, and just fell in love. It was just what I was looking for.

Step One

I started with the top section of the chair. Depending on the chair you have, you might be able to take the two pieces apart with a screwdriver. I didn't have to with mine. I started stapling at the top middle, and worked my way down the sides alternating back and forth so that the fabric pulled nicely without any weird crinkles.


Step Two

Next I did the back of the top section. Again, I started at the top and worked my way down the sides, alternating sides. I flipped the fabric (shown below) so that I could cover up the edges from the front, and ensure a tight pull from the fabric. To get the sides, I slid my hand up under the fabric with the staple gun. I could only do it for a couple of rounds as the fabric got to tight. I finished it by pulling the fabric at the bottom and stapling underneath where you can't see.


Staple gun


Step Three

Last part: the bottom! This was the easiest part. I started toward the back (where it attaches to the top) and worked my way around the sides, still alternating. The hardest part on the bottom is making sure the fabric pulls enough, but not too much. Since you'll be sitting on it, you want to make sure there is a little give so that you don't pull on the staples too much. Watch the folds in the fabric as well. I tried to place my folds at the 'corners'.

And once you've gone all the way around, don't forget to staple up or cut the ends of the fabric underneath so that nothing hangs down.


And then...

Ta Da! You're all done! Looks like a brand new chair!


And here is the Before and After!


I am absolutely loving it in my office. It adds more color and fun to my desk. And it's way softer than the old fabric.