Dressing for Your Brand (& a Lot of Gratitude)

Good Morning from Duck, North Carolina! I am so excited to finally be on vacation! This was much needed after a very stressful few weeks. 

But before I get into today's blog, I want to take a second to say thank you SO SO SO much to all of those who have already voted for me in the Made in FredVA Business Plan Competition. I truly cannot thank you enough for your votes, comments and shares. Whether I win or not, I already feel like a winner with how much support and love I've received over this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you haven't voted yet or don't know whats going on, there's still time! Check out last week's blog for more info and you can vote here. 

Moving on to today's blog...Dressing for your brand! I'm so excited for today's blog not just for this topic but to share my all new head shots courtesy of the fabulous Hope Taylor. She did an extraordinary job with these photos and capturing ME. I am so thankful for her eye and work on these because I am just in awe of them. 

As I was preparing for this photo shoot with Hope, my first thoughts were to pick my most stylish or Pinterest-looking outfits. But after scrounging through my closet and not finding the right items, I sat down and really thought about it. What items are most me? What items do I wear the most? What items match my brand and really speak to who I am? And then the outfits came pouring out.

The denim jumper is my 'go-to' outfit. If you've met me in person at least twice, chances are one of those times I was wearing it because it's super comfy, super cute and I just love it. The blue J. Crew top is the color of my brand and I love the collar and frilly sleeves. It's one of my favorite tops. The striped sleeveless top is one of my favorites that I got at Anthropologie. The back has these two cool little white tails, and I love it when I get the chance to dress up a bit more and wear it. And lastly, that striped boat neck tee from Goodnight Macaroon and those draw string, grey linen pants...I am OBSESSED with stripes. If it's stripes, I want it. And those pants are the most comfortable pants I own that I got on sale in San Francisco YEARS ago.

The pieces I chose for this shoot were a mix of my favorite pieces that I own. I am comfortable in them, I love wearing them, and they are ME. And because of that, they match my brand. The blues might be slightly off, the grey may be textured differently, and the stripes might not be perfect, but it works so well because even I have to say that I can see how comfortable and happy I am to be wearing them...

And of course there's that darn pup. OMG. I know I am biased, but seriously, I cannot get enough of that sweet face. He is my little buddy, and he was such a good pup for this shoot. 

I cannot thank Hope enough for these photos. Not just as headshots, but as lifestyle shots and to capture a time in my pups life that is so short as a puppy, and I won't ever get back. I am so full of gratitude to this amazing industry that has brought me together with others like her, my readers, my voters and my sharers who show so much support for someone that some of you haven't even met. I am so thankful and so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. Thank you!

Also, I'm sorry in advance for sharing so many images. I can't help it, I just loved so many of them it was hard to choose. 

Johnna Head shots-0015.jpg