Engagement Photos with Hope Taylor Photography

We got so lucky with this weather.

Last year, Joe and I were trying to figure out where and when we wanted to do our engagement photos. And since our wedding was going to be in the fall, we wanted to do something different. Winter seemed like the perfect option because snow is kind of Joe's thing and all. However, with Joe's schedule, it was almost impossible to try to figure out  a way that both Hope and Joe were in town, not to mention have it snow too.

And by some miracle and the grace of God, last Wednesday it snowed.

Now, it wasn't very much at all, and you can barely tell in some photos, but IT DID. So we had originally planned for our photos on Thursday, but as soon as they called for snow, we decided to move it to Wednesday. And the photos on that snowy, wintry day turned out just perfectly. I couldn't be more excited! 

Photos by the amazing Hope Taylor Photography

Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0002.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0007.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0024.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0017.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0004.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0006.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0014.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0018.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0021.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0027.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0020.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0026.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0016.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0010.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0018.jpg
Johnna Hetrick Favorites-0008.jpg



Hair Highlights | Allie's Cuts and Colors

Red Bow Skirt  | Lady Legacy, Downtown Fredericksburg

Black Long-Sleeve Top by Nikki Bikki | Monkee's of Fredericksburg

Buffalo Plaid Doggy Bow Tie  |  Waggedy Anne's

Engagement Ring | Ulman's Jewelry of Downtown Fredericksburg

White Pea Coat | Old Navy

Long Sleeve Grey Shift Dress | Lulus

Buffalo Plaid Scarf  |  Ann Taylor Loft

Buffalo Plaid Flats | J. Crew

Buffalo Plaid Matching Bracelet & Dog Collar | Friendship Collar

Location on the River | Ficklen Island off of the River Heritage Trail/Canal Path

Location Downtown | Corner of Amelia and Princess Anne Streets