Fredericksburg Gift Box


I know today has traditionally been a Last Adventures post about Joe and I’s adventures, but I’m going to switch up this week for a few reasons: 1. I want to start this Monday on a fun and happy note (I know the past few weeks have been a bit more serious) and 2. I’m just really excited about this new gift box!

When I went to Creative at Heart, I roomed with Caitlin of Caitlin Creative Works. Once we skyped for the first time, we pretty much became besties as we have so much in common, especially when it comes to work, paper goods and running a small business. When I was making my lists for packing for the conference, I wanted to take Caitlin a little gift box of goodies that were local to Fredericksburg. I LOVE this town and I love that we have so many amazing things made locally and I love sharing it with others who may not know this. So I went to my favorite places: Ladyburg Apothecarythe Popcorn Bag, and Sprelly, and then a few paper goods. I customized all of the pieces with stickers and tags, and just really loved how it came together! I was so excited to give it to her and she really loved it.

After a bit of thinking, I decided to reach out to those stores to see if they would be okay with me offering this gift box with their products, and they were all for it! So I’ve been working on putting the boxes together and I have lots of ideas for new boxes in the future!

Each gift box is $50 and includes:

  • Box Personalization – Colors, Names & Themes
  • Gift Box (8x8x6) with Crinkle Paper
  • Custom Stickers
  • 1 Pack of 5 Custom Note-cards
  • 1 Hand Crafted Soap and 1 Bath Bomb from Ladyburg
  • 2 Bags of Flavored Popcorn from the Popcorn Bag
  • 1 Container of Nutterly Delicious Peanut or Almond Butter from Sprelly
  • Delivery Within A 10 Mile Radius Or Shipping (Deliveries are made Tuesdays and Saturdays)

And we have tons of themes (chocolate lovers, black tie, beach, pacific islanders, salty, sweet, etc.) and we can customize the labels however you’d like!

Boxes can be purchased through our Etsy Store.

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