Great Resources for Creatives & Small Business Owners

2013 Shay Cochrane First off, I would just like to say thank you so much for all of the kind words of support and encouragement I received on Monday from so many of you. It meant the world to me. I was so nervous, and everyone's kind words definitely soothed my anxiousness. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Moving on! Today's blog is going to be totally different and a lot more fun (at least I think so). Since announcing that I am going to the Creative at Heart Conference at the end of March and joining their amazing Facebook group, I have made SO many new creative and designer friends. It has been amazing. It has been such a pleasure getting to know other people in my industry, especially those doing paper goods, invitations and design like me. It's so nice to 'talk shop,' share resources, and ultimately support each other in this crazy life of small business ownership.

One of the biggest things we've been talking about too are our resources: what sites we use, where we order paper, blogs we read, etc. So today, I thought I would share some of my own resources that I use as a small business owner and as a stationer. Whether you're just starting out, have been in the game for a while or just are looking to learn something new, these resources are good for just about anyone in the creative industry.

Scarlet and Gold Webinars

Scarlet and Gold are hosting some free Online Calligraphy Courses. I love calligraphy, but it's been a TERRIBLY long time since I've done it, so I signed up to brush up on my techniques a little bit.

Elle & Company Design

Lauren's blog is the best. She answers great questions and talks about everything you've every wanted to know or thought about in regards to business on her blog. When doing research, I always refer to her blog because she talks about it all.

 Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society

Hilary has some great insight on business, especially Instagram. She has a crazy amount of followers and has helped me gain a lot of followers as well just by trying some simple things. She also tells you how to filter and take a great photo.

 Dean Street Society's Happy Hour Coterie

Sign up for the HHC and you can have access to different webinars about small business and how to build. This months was 'How to really make money, without being exhausted, to craft a life you seriously love.'

Creative Market

Creative Market is exactly what it sounds like: a market of all things creative: fonts, textures, background, brushes for Photoshop, graphics, etc. They have so many neat options. And if you sign up for their e-newsletter, they email you a list of free things every Monday! I am always getting free stock photos, fonts, and graphics to use from them.

SC Stockshop

SC Stockshop offers AMAZING stock photos that every small business owner should know about. They are gorgeous and fun and work great on blogs, websites, Instagram and more. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a free image every month.

Cards & Pockets

I LOVE this shop. I use it....daily...oops! They have great products for great prices. They make it super easy to put together invitation suites and I know that whatever I'm ordering for a client is going to come out great.

Nashville Wraps

I just love this site. When it comes to packaging stuff, this site has EVERYTHING and at really great prices. One time I order a 10 lb box of crinkle paper. Do you know how big a 10lb box of crinkle paper is? Let's just say, I could fit inside of it. And it was awesome.

 Shop Sweet Lulu

So this site is technically for party supplies, but they have great, colorful paper goods. I've ordered way too many cute things from them for my rebrand. And I LOVE it.

 Cute Tape

 Two words: Washi Tape.


What are some of your favorite resources? I'd love to hear!