Greetings from Colorado!

Now that the new website is up, I can finally get some blogs going again!

I won’t lie though, it was kind of nice taking a few months off from blogging and somewhat on social media. It was just the refresher I needed.

And I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since we arrived in Colorado after three days in a budget truck. It was quite the adventure, I’ll tell ya. Three days of Joe, Grohl and I packed into a “3 person” cab (they say 3, but let’s be real: its a 2 person cab with a fold down seat in the middle) through the back roads of Virginia, the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, the highways of Illinois and Missouri, the plains of Kansas and then finally into the mountains of Colorado. And we packed that truck in. It was heavy. Especially going up those mountains.


But we did it! And it was worth it. We’re all settled into our cabin now and it definitely feels like home.

It hasn’t come without it’s struggles. The first week or so was really tough. Not being settled into a new place, not feeling like I was home and feeling so far away from what I’ve always known. I felt far away from my business and work, which is what really keeps me grounded. I had a few episodes of home sickness. But now that we’re settled in, and we’ve made that cabin our home, and being with Joe of course, it feels much better.

We’re starting to enjoy everything that Summit County has to offer: lots of hikes and trying out different trails every week; spending our evenings outside in the gorgeous weather; Joe’s taken up skateboarding. It’s been a lot of fun, and the time has flown by.

A lot of people ask about the weather. And as some of you probably saw, we got some snow in late June. That was an experience! I felt like I couldn’t get warm for a days, so Joe bought me a portable sauna for my birthday so I can get warm anytime I want! Other than that, now that the weather has mellowed out and summer is officially here, it has been gorgeous. You know those beautiful fall days in Virginia where it’s about 75 degrees, warm in the sun, a breeze in the air, and no humidity? It’s like that, but every day. And it’s amazing. It does get chillier at night, but it makes for some great bonfire evenings and really good sleeping weather.

The other question I get is about the altitude. We live at about 9200 feet above sea level. For reference, the base of Fredericksburg is about 45 feet above sea level. Until I went to the mountains in Colorado for the first time about 2 years ago, I honestly had no idea about altitude. I saw that movie ‘Everest’ and was like, how bad could the altitude be? I didn’t understand. And honestly, until you experience it, it’s kind of hard to explain. I understand now. The first couple of weeks, just walking upstairs or a small hill leave you winded. I’m a deep breather when I sleep, and the first few nights there (2 years ago, not this time), I would wake myself up trying to get deeper breaths and not being used to the thinner air.

It’s gotten much better now and I’m feeling adjusted. Grohl and I walk hills every day and every few days on our hikes, I try to add a few more feet of elevation. I even started running again, and even though my miles are slow, I still did it!

Overall, things have been really good. I’m really enjoying everything Colorado has to offer…and being with Joe again.

Do I miss Virginia, and Fredericksburg? Of course. I miss the crap out of it. I miss my friends, my family, my favorite restaurants. But honestly, I’d say the hardest part about moving out here is making new friends, but we’ll get into that next week….