Happy Fourth of July!

Well, my holiday certainly didn't begin the way I expected to! I've had a toothache for a few days, nothing major, but definitely not comfortable either. I finally made it in to the dentist this morning, and low and behold I had to get my wisdom tooth out! So great start to my fourth of July weekend! Anyways...

This is actually one of my top 5 holidays. If you've never been the downtown Fredericksburg for the Fourth of July, you are truly missing out. They have a really cool festival, the Heritage Festival, in the streets during the day with little shops, puppies, live music, food and drinks, and everyone is always decked out in their red, white and blue. 

There is so much history in this little town, that it feels silly to celebrate anywhere else. Fredericksburg (and it's surrounding areas of Spotsylvania and Stafford) are the home to many civil war battles, George Washington's boyhood home, and so much more. I mean, Joe and I live in the old  Mary Washington Hospital built in 1899 (it's not as creepy as you'd think, it's fully renovated, but our basement is a different story...). 

Also, did you know that Virginia was voted the most patriotic state in the US? I mean, that's pretty cool, right?!

Despite the start of my weekend, I'm ready for a relaxing weekend filled with ice cream and mashed potatoes (ok, so I'm actually kind of happy about that). Tonight we are heading to the nation's capital for the Nationals vs. Giants game (I'm the only Nats fan...),  tomorrow we will be making a Fourth of July themed brunch, followed by the Heritage Festival, and then out on the boat in Fawn Lake for some water and fireworks! Sounds like a pretty relaxing Fourth of July to me...and much needed after a long week!

I can't wait to celebrate the fourth this year by spending time in my favorite place. I hope you have a safe and wonderful fourth of July weekend!

U! S! A!   U! S! A!   U! S! A!

What are your plans for the fourth??

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