Happy September!

I am still in shock that it's September. Where did the time go? Where did summer go?

After a bit of a crazy summer, I'll admit it's really tough getting back into a normal routine. I took the last month off from blogging and such to really focus on some of the things I've been putting off for months! I finally updated our website, blog and Etsy store. We will be launching a special project we've been working on for Twila Brides this Friday. And we've been working on a lot of collateral pieces.

It's been a busy month!

That all said, while you are here, check out some new things!


It's been a long time coming with this. I've been working on Web Site Maps and slide ideas, and finally sat myself down and organized it all. Our new navigation doesn't look too different on the outside, but is simplified on the inside so you can find your information faster.

We've also created a lot of packages for invitations and event planning: the essentials, the suite, and the collection. More to come on those in the blog later, but you can check them out within our pages.


theblogFirst, take a look to your right and check out our new sidebar! Then proceed...

This is what I'm REALLY excited about! Other than just new photos to the side, we have new icons, badges, and a list of our favorite blogs! I am loving the new favorite blog badges because they represent some pretty amazing blogs and people. I love working with other creatives and even more, I love sharing their stories.

Interested in being featured in our favorite blog section? Email us!

We are also looking to start featuring people on our blog. Whether it be bloggers, photographers, creative, business savvy people, WE WANT YOU! Let us know if you'd like to be featured and let's get chatting.



And lastly, is our Etsy Shop. Our shop features new color options, wedding invitations, photos and more!

Take a look at our shop, and enjoy free shipping on orders of $20 or more using the code 'TWILA' the code is good until Sunday at midnight.


Those are just a few of our newest things, but we have more to come! Friday we'll chat all about our newest Bride Project. And we can't wait!!!