Home Decorating: the Living Room

Happy Thursday!! I am FINALLY getting around to posting photos of my new house and all the decorating I've been doing. While it was a little stressful trying to get it all done at first, it was a ton of fun and I loved every second of it.

I get a lot of my inspiration from the Pottery Barn and Anthropologie catalogs. I get so excited when they arrive in the mail. Unfortunately, some of it is a litttttllleee bit out of my price range. But I've found ways to give things that same look and feel at a more budget friendly price.

The biggest part I love about my house is that it's a little fixer-upper. Meaning, it will probably never be 100% done. It is at a great point where I love it as is, but there are so many more fun DIY projects I can't wait to do, and I find myself doing new things all the time.

First we'll start with my living room. This is what it looked like when we first came in. SO MUCH STUFF!


Once we took it all out, we were able to scrub and oil the floors and scrape and paint the walls. It's amazing what a little Murphy's Oil and a new paint job can do. We even got the fireplace to work! (Thanks, Dad!)


And with a little decoration and inspiration...

living room

Faux Hydrangeas | Mason Jars | Rug

Lantern Lights | Basket | Vogue

Remember that table I told you about that I renovated? It doesn't look too bad here!

Coffee table

I have a TON of old Mason Jars, and found these gorgeous (yet fake) flowers at Target for $6 a piece. The basket underneath is also a Target steal, and it's filled with my rather large collection of Vogue and a few other miscellaneous magazines (i have way too many around the house).

Here's another view of the living room including one of my larger paintings I did a few summers again.


And there you have it! A little TLC can go a long way!

Before and After

xo- Johnna