Hope Taylor Photography | Spring Workshop Paper Goods

It's Friday!!! Hooray! And I'm keeping up with the blog! Double Hooray! 

These past couple of months have felt weird, for lack of a better term, not just because I've been gone and for all intents and purposes, absent from the blog and social media, but because even though I've been down and off the wagon, there's still been a LOT going on behind the scenes. Lots of styled shoots, wedding invitations, branding, new products (I'm SOOO excited for this one), sponsorships...just A LOT. 

A lot of that even though things are moving, they take time to come to life. But I can't wait until they do!

For today, I'm going to share my latest photos from the amazing Hope Taylor. She had another workshop this past month, and it was STUNNING. I mean just gorgeous. And I got use a really awesome watercolor bicycle for the paper goods. It makes me want to dust off my old bike, bring it out and put some flowers in and just ride around. Hmm...maybe I will...

Anyways, as always, she provides such amazing photos of the items I give her. I always feel so blessed to have a friend like her in this industry who I can chat with, be real with, and count on. She's been truly a blessing to me. 

Well, it's Friday, and I don't want to keep you (or myself!). So I'll keep it short.

Happy Easter, friends! 

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