How to Host a Holiday Party

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It's the time of year for LOTS & LOTS of parties to celebrate the holidays, the end of a great year, and to give us all a chance to be thankful for our friends and family. This year, we've put together a list of our favorite holiday tips to help you plan the GREATEST holiday party!


  1. Be aware of allergies! Yes yes, everyone seems to be on some kind of crazy diet these days, but there are those guests who are truly allergic to foods & it's always nice when there is something there for them to eat! Making spinach and artichoke dip?? Add apple slices to your dippers tray for a quick gluten free option! Don't be afraid to ask those who are allergic if you have any questions. They will be so that you wear something festive, cute and of course, something you feel comfortable in!
  2. Great Outfit -- It is YOUR party! You will be in the spotlight throughout the night as the hostess so make sure you are in something festive, cute and of course you feel comfortable in!
  3. Outsource- There's nothing more stressful than trying to throw a great holiday party than not knowing everything you need or how to do it. Get rid of the stress and hire vendors: catering, wares, branding, decor, bartending; it can all be outsourced and you won't need to worry about anything but if your cup is full!


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  1. No Phones- Have an "phone check" (like a coat check) basket for friends and family to drop off their phones and leave them there for the duration of their time at the party. Concerned about having photos for the evening? Designate a few people to take photos on an actual camera or have camera available throughout the party.
  2. Set the mood- Create a holiday mood by using lights and music. Set up Christmas lights, scented candles, keep the tree lit up, etc. and have some fun holiday music playing - the 98* Holiday Pandora station is a hit.
  3. Have extra- When in doubt, always make extra food and get extra beverages. Nobody will be upset if you send them home with food and wine!

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  1. Have a theme- Even if your theme is just a color palette, it definitely helps when making decisions during the planning process. Whether it's buying paper plates and napkins, getting balloons, or picking out decorations, if you have an idea in mind the decisions are made much easier and faster. While Pinterest is a great place to get ideas, make sure you don't get too caught up in making it exactly like the picture. Incorporate your own style and decor or home with the idea.
  2. Paper goods- if you want to add little, inexpensive touches to your party, try paper goods: food tags, wine labels, a printed menu in a frame, name tags or place settings, stickers, banners. Match the goods to your theme. I love how put together everything looks once you've added those little touches, and I always get compliments on them. If you're doing a party favor, make sure you add a tag or sticker to match.
  3. Make Lists- I LOVE making lists. Especially handwritten ones. There's just something about writing things down and crossing them off as you go. I make guests lists, to-do lists, shopping lists,and timelines. It helps keep me organized during the planning process and during the party itself.
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