How To Make No-Sew Pillows

Decorative Pillows are MAD expensive. I've been searching for weeks and have barely found anything under $20 unless they are SUPER tiny. So I decided that maybe it was time I tried to make some for myself instead at a much cheaper cost. I saw something on Pinterest on how to make them, but cannot for the life of me find it now. So I'll just share my experience with it.

I bought some awesome fabric at Joann's along with some pillow inserts that I got on sale. I got 3/4 of a yard of each for my pillow size.



First, you kind of pinch the sides together, almost like you are going to wrap a gift.


Then fold it over onto the pillow.


Then do the same with the other side. As you fold the second side over, tie it like you would a bow, crossing the sides over.


But keep the ends tucked underneath the knot. I even safety pinned the pieces under the knot so that they would stay put.


And there you have it! I made 3 different pillows. The nicest part of doing it yourself, was I had a little leftover and was able to make a table runner to match. I love the color is adds to my office! Each pillow ended up being around $10 which was much better than buying one and I love the accent that the knot adds.


And of course, I have to share how much Lilly loves them too!