Hyperion Meeting

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My job is so much more than a three letter word to me. It’s connecting with a bride on such a person level about something so life altering and impactful; a wedding.

I feel so lucky every moment I get to spend planning a wedding because I know this is truly the event of a lifetime that will be remembered forever.

One of my sweet brides is names Chanelle. Chanelle and I connect on a level even further than just our love of all things wedding, but through struggling with deep health issues. This absolutely amazing soul is battling Addison’s Disease but you would never, ever know it by looking at her bubbly and positive outlook!  I  absolutely cherish and adore every second we get to go into “wedding world” and leave all health issues behind.

Yesterday we got to snag coffee at my second office, Hyperion! A little paperwork, a bunch of laughing and a whole lot of coffee had us focused in on everything from florist to venue to music choices.

After our meeting, Chanelle answered a few questions for our guest blog!

So tell us about yourself...

Hello! I’m Chanelle, and I’m honored to writing here as a Twila & Co. bride! I am a 24-year-old—going on 45—makeup, food, and social media obsessed girl who has lived quite a full life thus far. I have an Associate’s degree in Science but am taking time off to plan my wedding and prepare to become a military wife (go Air Force!). My fiancé is currently half way through a one-year tour in South Korea while I plan our wedding!

Who’s the lucky fiancé??

Brandon is an awesome guy who balances me perfectly! You know that tired old cliché about opposites attracting… well that’s totally true with us, and I love it!

How’d ya’ll meet??

A few years back, we both used to work for Best Buy; I was a “blue shirt” that sold cell phones for Best Buy Mobile, and he was a “black shirt” that worked for the Best Buy Project Team. One fall day I came into my store on my day off to look at a new digital camera for a trip I was going to take to visit a friend at Virginia Tech, and he happened to be setting up a camera display. Of course I, the outgoing one, saw him and tried to flirt, but he, the shy one, totally shut me down when I went to coyly ask him for help with picking out a camera (it didn’t help that answering customer questions is not part of his job description). Well, I wasn’t about to be shut down that easily. It just so happened that I was already friends on Facebook with him, so I sent him a message and pretty much asked him if he wanted to watch a Hokie game with me. Apparently I spoke the magic words because he is a die hard Virginia Tech football fan. We met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for our first date, the Hokies won, and the rest was history!

So you’re a Twila & Co bride – how did you hear about us?? & What services are you using??

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeri while veil shopping at Ava Laurenne Bride! Her friend and co-worker Ashley happened to be busy that day, but Jeri was so bubbly, friendly, and professional, I was happy to have her help me pick my veil…it was just a bonus that she really knows her stuff when it comes to all things weddings! From there, Jeri not only became my friend but also my wedding planner, and what a blessing it’s been so far. She will be my day-of coordinator and is doing an amazing job of helping me with all of the vendors and other big decisions that have to be made for my big day. But, most importantly, Jeri’s help and organization will keep my mom’s and my stress at bay so that we can actually enjoy my wedding day.

What do you love most about the planning process??

I love having a planner! Honestly! I love that I have someone to remind me of things and to bounce ideas off of; I love that it’s a person who knows what they are doing because they have done it before. I love having someone who has references and can tell me “no, that vendor isn’t a good idea” or “I’ve seen someone do that and it looked amazing”. I tend to get stuck in my own head sometimes so Jeri is like a living Pinterest board!

What are you looking forward to most on your big day??

First and foremost, I am excited to be going from just Chanelle to part of a team that is just my husband and I! I haven’t seen my fiancé since May so I think I will be that much more excited to legally be his, and for him to be mine!

Next in importance on my wedding day is being the center of attention! Haha, but seriously… I grew up dancing on stage all of my life, so my wedding day will largely be like a recital starring me! I get so excited thinking about wearing my amazing gown and feeling the best I will feel on any day, in front of my family, friends, and husband. Of course I am super excited to dance the night away and eat an amazing meal… and pictures! I love taking pictures too.

Anything else you want to tell us? We want you to know… WE LOVE YOU, BEAUTIFUL!

I so don’t want to sound like some paid product endorser but I am REALLY lucky and excited to be working with Jeri/Twila & Co. The closer I get to my wedding date, the more I realize that the day is going to be stressful and something will go wrong no matter what. Having someone so likeminded and so excited about what she does helping me relieves me of so much stress already! So I just wanted to thank YOU, Jeri for being so awesome, professional, and for making this planning process as enjoyable and stress-free and it can be.

Chanelle, we love love love you. Thanks for being one of our sweet brides!