Invitations, Save the Dates, and the Rule of Three

I can tell that Wedding Season is approaching because my request for Invitations, Save the Dates and Programs has greatly increased, and I couldn't be happier! That is my favorite thing to do. While there are some stipulations with color or theme, there is still so much freedom in design and I really get to be able to use my creative cap. My favorite thing to play with lately is fonts. I have been researching tons of fonts and font usage and my favorite is the Rule of Three, which I use in all of my projects now.

The Rule of Three basically indicates that you use three different types of fonts, but in the overall look and feel, they actually come together quite nicely. Now, not ALL fonts work together, and after many tries of mixing and matching, I have found that using one of three different types of fonts is a good best practice.

Font Type 1: Sans serif 'fat' font: Example: my favorite font: Century Gothic or TW Cen

Font Type 2 Option A: A Narrow or Condensed Font (Serif or San Serif.) Example: TW Condensed, Myriad Pro Condensed (Bond Condensed is great too)

Font Type 2 Option B: A Thick, fun font that matches your theme. Example: Rosewood

Font Type 3: A script or handwriting font. These are the fun ones to download! Try Bickham, Altast, Edwarian Script.

Fun, right?! Great way to jazz up almost anything.

Here are my latest projects that I have used the Rule of Three in.

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