It's not just pink it's personal

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are starting off with a guest blog from our good friend, Lindsay, of Everistta.  You've probably seen Lindsay's amazing jewelry in all of our photoshoots for Twila and we are so excited to have her on our blog today!


Each year we design a limited edition bracelet to support our friends at Friends for and Earlier Breast Cancer Test. For me, it's not just about jumping on the "pink" band wagon each year. It's much more personal.

My Mom passed away from Breast Cancer coming up on three year's in November. She was the strongest woman in my life and she gave every ounce she had to battle this terrible disease. Because she was able to get tested to see if genetics linked her to this disease, I was also tested. I do in fact carry the gene that can cause Breast Cancer in the future, but lucky for me, I have that choice to do something about it early.

It's so important to stop this disease before it starts and give strength to those battling it right now. After my Mom, there have been several women in my life diagnosed. So yes, this is a personal battle for me and I hope you will join me to support finding a way to meet this head on earlier.


{Features sterling silver beads, gold filled chain, rhinestone bead, rose gold bead and pink quartz gemstone.}

Why did I choose this year's design to have just a pop of pink?

I went through several design iterations this year and wore a few around this week to see how I felt wearing them. I wanted something you could wear everyday and not just in October. This is the perfect bracelet to stack with your everyday jewels. I have mine stacked with my Mom's David Yurman bracelet that I wear everyday.

I loved this particular bracelet because every time I looked at that quiet pink Quartz gemstone bead peeking out, it made me smile. It's a quiet inner strength that women all have when they are affected by this disease and this bracelet is that reminder.  I have been wearing mine with the pink Quartz gemstone on the inside of my wrist. It's a classic style that can be worn everyday, but has that reminder to smile and stay positive. From my experience, staying positive and smiling has a wonderful impact on the journey of this disease.

Pink Quartz also means love so spread it around.

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{Features sterling silver beads, gold filled chain, rhinestone bead, rose gold bead and pink quartz gemstone.}

Here are the details.

10% of the sales will be donated to Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test. Our goal is $1,000 this year. It's lofty, but I know we can do it.

Each bracelet is made from sterling silver beads with a cool gold filled chain accent that makes it even more fun. This chain is gold filled so it's higher quality then gold plated. It will not tarnish. I wear mine just about everyday and it never tarnishes. The bracelet is accented with pink Quartz gemstone, rose gold and rhinestone beads.

Here is the link to purchase:

Blog and Photos from Lindsay Van Cleave of Everistta.