It's Social Media Week! (And yes, it includes lots of give-a-ways)

I'm so excited for this week because...well...GIVE-A-WAYS! Who doesn't love a give-a-way? This week, the blog is going to be all about Social Media because I want your help!

I cannot believe how far Twila's Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages have come over  these past 6 months, but I want to take it further. I want to reach 1000 Followers on each page! 

This past year, I made a huge effort to really up my game when it comes to Social Media. As you probably read a few weeks ago on the blog, I merged my personal and Twila accounts all into one in January and it was the best decision I ever made. In January, I had:

165 followers on Instagram

772 fans on Facebook

800(ish) followers on Pinterest

There are so many tips and tricks out there, and I know I am certainly not an expert in the slightest. But I know it can be hard to juggle so many different aspects of running a small business, and sometimes it's hard to focus on social media sometimes, but there are some small things that I do on a consistent basis that have really helped build and give my social media a solid foundation. 

HASHTAGS | I started using a LOT more hashtags these past few months and it really helped me reach new followers. I used 2-4 important hashtags within each post, but then commented with 5-10 more. If others commented, then these hashtags disappear, yet still work as if they were in the post itself. This was HUGE for me. 

KNOWING WHEN TO POST | Instead of posting whenever during the week, I try my best to post within certain times of the day: 9-11 am, around 5pm or 7-8pm. I definitely notice that if I post during these times, I get a lot more likes right off the bat instead of a slow stream lately.

BRANDING MY IMAGES | I use the same series of filters on every image I post on Instagram, which gives my overall profile a really nice look. I also try to use the same colors throughout and try to incorporate my branding as much as I can. If you look at my profile, you will see a lot of blues, white, creams, and browns. Some other profiles I love are very green or pink, but they do keep things consistent with their images. 

COLLABORATIONS | This one is huge! If I did a styled shoot or am sharing a post of someone else's, make sure to tag them and use their hashtags. It will then show up on both YOUR pages and THEIRS, and that's twice as many followers. And if someone asks you to do a collaboration or help out, I would encourage you to do so! It's a great way to meet people and get to know them in this industry. Plus, most of the time they are super fun.

In doing all of these things, here's a look at where I am now:

Facebook: 985 Fans

Instagram: 985 Followers

Pinterest: 896 Followers

As you can see, it really helped! They seem like such simple things to do, but they truly made a difference to me. Now, I would LOVE a little extra help to get to 1000, and of course there are plenty of give-a-ways included.

All week on blog days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) I am going to be giving away something to old and new friends!


12 Monogram Cards with custom watercolor graphic, colored envelopes & liners


Twila & Co. Custom Gift Box including monogram cards, candy, water bottle, straw, stickers & more.


Fredericksburg Gift Box including bath bomb & soap from Ladyburg, Sprelly Nut Butter, popcorn from the Popcorn Bag

Here's How To Enter:

  • If you don't follow/like us, go ahead! We would love to make new friends :)
  • Comment on the post and tag a friend! The more friends you tag, the more entries you get.
  • Comment on the post with things you'd like to see Twila & Co. do in the future (blog topics, paper goods, designs, anything!). We love feedback!
  • Repost this on Instagram, Share it on Facebook or Pin it on Pinterest. 

Thanks so much for your help and support in getting me this far, I can't wait to see where this week takes us! xoxo