Magazine Love

magazine love2


I love Pinterest.

I mean, who doesn't? It's ADDICTIVE. And it's the perfect way to share ideas with clients or look for inspiration. It's easy, no mess, and a great way to spend a few hours...that you didn't even realize passed.

But honestly when it comes down to it, I'm an old-fashioned magazine girl. I love collecting a month's worth of magazines (I subscribe to...about 15. Excessive? Maybe. But I LOVE it. I love mail.), sitting down with some guilty pleasure TV (Anything on Bravo or a Lifetime movie), and cutting up magazines.

I love separating the cut-outs into different piles: fashion, home decor, layouts i like, ideas. And I love putting it into a binder for future reference when I'm looking for layouts or ideas. I love putting them in my journal or notebook.


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I am always referring back to the clippings when I need inspiration or to find a color. Especially to find specific colors I like. I put some of my favorite clippings (along with cards and pieces i like) on my cork board above my desk. Always a lovely reminder of the things I love. 



How about you? Do you still get magazines? What do you do with yours?

xoxo, Johnna