Meet Grohl

Well, if you follow us on Instagram, you'll know already...but the big news is WE GOT A PUP! Joe and I have been looking for a while and keeping our eyes open for the perfect opportunity. And last Thursday, we found him. 

A family downtown Fredericksburg has a Great Pyrenees, and their neighbor had a Golden Retriever, and they had a litter of 10 puppies about 3 months ago. The family realized it was too much to have the puppy and the Great Pyrenees dad, and we found him on Craigslist. He is a Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever mix and will probably grow to be 75-90 pounds.

We named him Grohl after Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters and the drummer from Nirvana...and pretty much the greatest musician and musical influence in our time. Foo Fighters are our favorite band, sings Joe and I's song, and we had an amazing experience at their concert last summer. So it just felt right. 

Grohl has the sweetest face, and it one chill puppy. He loves his lobster stuffed animal and likes to sleep! We are so in love with this little guy and so excited to make him a part of our little family, and share his adventures with you :)