Monogrammed Mason Jar Invitations


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am currently on vacation in the Dominican Republic (first vacation like this in 3 years!) and am enjoying the sun and the sand. But I wanted to share some of our latest invitation suites I finished as they are some of my favorites.

Jessica's family is a LONG time friend of my family's. I've known her since before I could talk. So it was super exciting when she came to me for wedding invitations (and to Jeri for her wedding planning!) and it's been so much fun working with her.

The invitations turned out so cute, one of my favorite suites so far.




Putting it all together!


Ok! Back to vacation for me. Enjoy your week as Jeri will be blogging for me for the rest of the week. And I'll be back next Monday with lots of fun photos :)