Music Monday: Ponderosa

Ahh I can't believe I let so much time go by again without blogging. Holidays are crazy, aren't they? Well, I'm back and I'm promising to make a big effort to post much more often. So much so, that I am going to start with 'Music Monday.'

I LOVE music. Adore it. Can't live a day without it. And there isn't much better than being reacquainted with an old song that you used to love. So here comes the first Music Monday post: Ponderosa.

This past weekend, my dad and I were watching the latest episode of Banshee (great show if you haven't seen it yet), and this song came on during one the scenes. It took me a second to remember who it was by, but now I can't stop listening to their albums, particularly Moonlight Revival's 'Hold On You.'

They call themselves a "neo-psychedelic indie rock band," but I only half agree. I believe their sounds relate more to the blues-rock, lets-drink-whiskey-and-rock genre similar to that of the Black Keys. If you like classic rock, blues, or just the Black Keys, I invite you check them out.

Want to hear or learn more?

Check out their website at (don't try to google it, you'll get a ton of Ponderosa Steakhouse links, yuck!), find them on Spotify, or listen to this other goodie: