Music Monday: The Lone Bellow


I was so excited on Sunday, I couldn’t wait to share it. A girl who went to my high school who was always not just a really cool person but an incredible singer is in a band called the Lone Bellow. I’ve been following their stuff on Facebook for a while, and on Sunday I was reading People Magazine, and saw that one of the guys was recommending one of the songs, Tree to Grow, off of their new self-titled album. They are amazing. I can’t get enough.

I’m in a total bluegrass, whiskey-drinking, down-home roots phase right now, and this is totally fulfilling the mood. If you like the Lumineers or Old Crow Medicine Show, you’ll love The Lone Bellow. As recommended in People, Tree to Grow is probably one of my favorites. A close second would be You Never Need Nobody.

Now I just have to patiently wait for Kanene to come back to her hometown so I can catch a show!

All photos in those post are from The Lone Bellow sites.

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