Music Monday: The Weakerthans

Happy Monday! Can you believe I'm actually on time this week? Music Monday is actually coming on MONDAY. Imagine that.

Today we have The Weakerthans. I first fell in love with their song Aside when it was in one of my favorite movies, Wedding Crashers. They are actually a Canadian Indie group out of Winnipeg that started in the late 90s. As a big fan of 90s rock, I was immediately sucked in by the same feel of  rock and grunge as I was by the Gin Blossoms or Smashing Pumpkins. Particularly through the lead singers unique voice, a common trait among 90s bands (think Billy Corgan or Gregg Alexander). And mostly I enjoy the good mix of upbeat and mellow songs that make their albums easy to listen to, especially on a rainy day like today!

Listen for yourself and find them on Spotify to listen to more!