Noah turns 1!


Good Morning!

And Happy Monday! Again, it has been a while. I am finally back home with no real plans to travel for a while and it feels AMAZING. This past weekend was the first weekend I spent at my house since early May. While we've busy that whole time and it's been wonderful, it is nice to finally be back home and in our own house. But more on that later.

So after lots of personal stuff on the blog over the summer, let's switch it up and have some invitations, shall we? These fun, nautical invites were done for a neighbor of mine for her little boy, Noah, who turned one this year. She had a nautical theme in mind, and these turned out so good! They are precious.





They had a suite of invitations and envelopes, stickers, drink labels, and water bottle labels. Perfect for a one-year-old's birthday!

Later this week (and all through August), I have so much more to share from this crazy summer: invitations, stories, photos, etc!