Saved by the Bell

You may have already seen our photos on Facebook, but last week, Jeri and I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Dustin Diamond, aka SCREECH from Saved by the Bell!


My dad owns the bowling alley here in Fredericksburg, and inside of it is a comedy club called Liberty Laughs.  When Jeri and I found out that Dustin Diamond was coming to perform, we jokingly asked if we could pick him up from the airport. Well, our dreams came true! And on Friday we drove down to Richmond to pick up good ole Screech.

While he was absolutely exhausted and slept a majority of the ride from Richmond, he was as nice as could be.

IMG_7266On Saturday night, we got a big table together to see Dustin perform and he was awesome and absolutely hysterical. We had a great time watching him perform. I wasn't really sure what to expect, and while he touched on Saved by the Bell a little bit, that was definitely not the idea of his performance.

The coolest part was that while he was very much himself, when he would get really into a story or excited about something, you could definitely see the 'Screech' in him come out in both voice and mannerisms. Whether he wants it to or not, there is definitely still a part of Screech inside him and it was really cool to see that.

IMG_7268And after the show, he was nice enough to say hello and take a quick picture with us.

We were just so excited to meet such an iconic figure from our childhood and adolescence.

Interested in the comedy club? They've got some awesome acts coming up, be sure to check them out at

xo, Johnna