Styling with Davis and Main


I am so excited for today’s feature on the blog!! Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a good friend of mine, Catherine. She recently started a blog called Davis and Main Style, which is a lifestyle blog based on Catherine’s life. And it’s gorgeous. Catherine has impeccable taste and gorgeous style. I am constantly envious of her outfits and am always super excited when she has a dinner party because I know it’s going to be amazing. She’s also one of the sweetest, humblest, funnest people I’ve been around and we can be our quirky selves together.

A little peak at the thank you gift box I gave her. Isn’t her logo amazing?! So simple and classic.

(Clarification: I didn’t do it)

Back in high school and college, I was always into fashion. If my memory is correct (I have no idea where my yearbook is), I was voted Best Dressed at some point in High School. I LOVED getting dressed up and putting outfits together. Since starting my own business and working with it full-time, I traded fashion for comfort and ease (yay yoga pants!). I just don’t have the time or energy to put together outfits or be creative in what I wear, so I end up wearing the same 5 pieces over and over again.

At lunch about a month ago, I jokingly told Catherine she should come style me, and surprisingly, she was all for it! And last week she came in for a Wardrobe Consultation where she takes the clothes I already have and makes new outfits out of them for me. We took photos, and I am in the process of printing them all out so I can pin them up in my closet and have more than 5 outfits to choose from when I am meeting clients…in fact she gave me 20!

Prior to our consultation, I sent her multiple Pinterest boards ( FashionFall FashionAnthropologie Love) to give her an idea of the pieces and styles I liked.  When she first arrived, we sat and chatted and she asked what I was looking for which was outfits that felt like me, represented my brand, and most importantly, that I didn’t have to think about or prep for. I also had a few key pieces that I really love but didn’t know how to wear, so she helped me incorporate those too. And most importantly, she gave me more confidence to wear the things I wanted to and not care what other people thought.

She classified my style as preppy and girly with beach elements and always polished (which I LOVE). And I am so excited to share her outfits here on the blog today!

Don’t forget to check out Catherine’s blog at as she will also be featuring this outfits today…but really head over there to see her other amazing outfits that she wears…and her house decor…and the cutest little babe in the world, Ellie.

Outfit 1

Ruffled Top, Black Tulle Skirt, Cognac Thin Belt with Gold Studs, and Passion Purple Tory Burch Reva Flats or Tory Burch Amy Pump

Outfit 2

Long-Sleeve White Tee, Tweed Gap Vest, Jean Shorts with Target Booties

Outfit 3 & 4

DAY VERSION | Lavender Tibi Sweater, Old Navy TamiOld Navy Diva Skinny Jeans with Gap Flats

NIGHT VERSION | Love Tank from Forever 21 and Tory Burch Wedges

 Outfit 5

Anthropologie Denim Romper, H&M Tan Sweater, Jewelry from Thrift Store, Tory Burch Tortoise Cuff, and Booties

Outfit 6

Polo Ralph Lauren Button-Up, World Market Scarf, Jewelry from Francesca’s, Jack Rogers

Outfit 7

Anthropologie Denim RomperOld Navy Gingham Button-Up, White Scarf, Jewelry from Forever 21, Jack Rogers Mini Wedge


Outfit 8

 Leopard Print Shawl from World Market, Hanes V-Neck Tee, J. Crew Shorts, Anthropologie Sandals (Also matched with J.Crew skirt and American Apparel Skirt)

Outfit 9

Forever 21 White Blazer, Cat Shirt from Wal-mart (From my roommate Aaron, king of cat shirts), andBlack Banana Republic Skinny Jeans, Sandals from Wal-Mart

*Side note: Aaron gave me this shirt as a bit of a joke because he has a TON of cat shirts, but one night soon when we go out, I’m going to surprise him by wearing this as an actual outfit. He doesn’t read the blog, so I think I’m safe to share that. BUT DON’T TELL HIM!

Outfit 10

White Sweater from TJ Maxx, Anthropologie Striped TopBanana Republic Black JeansTory Burch Amy Pump or Sandals from Walmart

Outfit 11

Top from J.Crew Factory, Old Navy White Skinny Jeans, Sandals from Chico’s, Jewelry from Forever 21

Outfit 12

Top from Anthropologie, Shorts from Lilly Pulitzer, and Passion Purple Tory Burch Reva Flats or Jack Rogers

 Outfit 13

Top from Anthropologie, Old Navy White Skinny Jeans, Passion Purple Tory Burch Reva Flats

Outfit 14

 Long Sleeve Black Top, Forever 21 Tweed Shorts, Tan Scarf, Flats from Target (Option 2 with Jean Jacket from Abercrombie)

Outfit 15

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater, Old Navy Diva Jeans, Monogrammed Ball Cap, Duckies

Outfit 16

Black Flowy Top from Brandi Melville, Gold Sequin Shorts from Goodnight Macaroon and Target Mary Janes

Outfit 17 & 18

Ralph Lauren Striped Polo, Lacoste Light Blue Sweater, Yellow Linen Pants from J.Crew, Sandals from J.Crew

Striped Old Navy Long-Sleeve Tee, Yellow Linen Pants from J.Crew, Sandals from J.Crew

Outfit 19 & 20

J.Crew Sweater, Pants from Anthropologie, Old Navy Flats

J.Crew Sweater, Hot Pink Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret, Pants from Anthropologie, Old Navy Flats

Outfit 20

Lace Top from Goodnight Macaroomanthr, Jean Shorts, Moccasins, and Jewelry from India