The Burg Box is Changing!

A few months ago, I met with a friend of mine for coffee to talk about his brand. It always seems we start to talk about business and Fredericksburg, and life in general, and he always gives such great advice. 

A few months ago, I was really struggling with the Burg Box. And I don't mean struggling with sales, although I won't lie, it's been a slow summer. I mean struggling with it's identity; struggling with what I wanted from it; struggling with making decisions to move forward. I really liked the name 'Burg Box' but the longer I had it, the more apparent it wasn't going to work for a lot of reasons, some being:

  • Everyone thought it was 'BIRD' box...Nope. Not a big fan of birds actually...
  • All the URLs and usernames were already taken
  • It was confining in that I could only use 'Burg vendors.

That said, I felt stuck. While we did great during the holidays, during the rest of the year I wasn't focusing as much on the gift boxes or giving it the time and attention it deserved. I wanted to expand, but didn't know how, where or why and I wanted to make something more of this great idea. I mean, hell, it needed it's own website....I know how confusing it could be to go order a gift box and find yourself on a graphic design and branding site...

So I dove in.

I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. So we've changed our name, rebranded, put together a new website with better SEO, have a new Instagram page, and will soon be changing out Facebook name (I want to give people a little time to adjust :) ).

So we are now changing to a name that's a little more all encompassing of our goals:

Love, Virginia Gift Boxes.

So why 'Love, Virginia?' Think of it as you're signing off from a letter. This box is all items locally made in Virginia, and therefore it's made from Virginia with love. Hence, Love, Virginia. And above is our new logo, which I'm a bit partial to myself ;)

We have a great, brand new website that I hope will make things much easier when it comes to order

Love, Virginia Gift Boxes Website

And we have a new Instagram really new...we only have 1 post and 1 follower.

Love, Virginia Instagram

And while we're keeping our Facebook name for a little bit the same (so people can find still find us!), we will be changing it soon.


So there you have it! Our big news for today! I'm really excited about this new direction, and can't wait to see where it takes us! 

And because of this exciting news, we're celebrating with 10% off all of our gift boxes from now until Sunday! Just use the code 'ILOVEVA' at checkout.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!