The Oscars

0225 Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone got a chance to watch the Oscar’s last night! I was a little tired from a long weekend of working at a wine festival, but enjoyed it none the less. I’ll be completely honest in that I am much more into the people watching and red carpet  rather than the awards themselves. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 of the movies. The fashion this year had so much class, everyone looked stunning. I am really enjoying the come back of ‘Old Hollywood.’
The poor thing fell on her way up the stairs, but  Jennifer Lawrence is such an amazing role model as she is so real and just herself. I couldn’t be happier that she won Best Actress. Not to mention, she looked absolutely beautiful last night.
Jennifer Aniston also looked gorgeous in red. Seeing her with Channing Tatum was almost too much to handle!
I am absolutely COVETING Stacey Keibler’s dress. I wish I had an event to go to so I could get a dress like that to wear.
And of course, Reese Witherspoon is always one of my favorites. The blue of that dress matches her skin and hair flawlessly.
Did you have a favorite of the night?!