Walk the Moon Concert


Alyson and I had the pleasure of spending some quality time together last night by going down to the National in Richmond to see Walk the Moon. Magic Man opened up for them.


While I saw John Mayer a few weeks ago at Jiffy Lube Live, it had been a little while since i had been to one of the smaller venues that I prefer. Last year, I spent a ton of time at smaller venues and I didn't realize how much I missed it until last night! I can't wait to check out the concert schedules for the rest of the fall.

Both bands were amazing. I hadn't heard of Magic Man until the day of the concert, but started listening that morning. I adore the song 'Paris.' They are from Boston and sound a lot like the Bravery. The singer has a really unique voice.


While Magic Man was awesome, we were really there to see Walk the Moon and when they finally came on, we were so stoked. The energy of the band really got the crowd going and we spent the entire night dancing. It was amazing.




Check out my Spotify playlist to listen to these awesome bands.

Want to see them live? Get tickets quick! They play in DC at the 9:30 Club this week!


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