Website Makeover Ideas

Say you have a GORGEOUS website. You're in love. The branding is perfect, the layout is ideal, and the rhythm is exactly what you wanted. But after a few months (if you're like me) you feel like you need to freshen it up a bit. You don't want to change a majority of it, but maybe just a few things here or there to make a change. Change is good! 

Here are a few things that you can do yourself to freshen up your website without breaking the bank (well, actually, it should really be free!).

Images | I love it when I get new images to share! Especially for photos on my home page, within my content, and on my sidebar. I try to change it up every couple of months so it doesn't get old. 

Social Media Feeds | Putting Social Media Feeds (especially Instagram) helps keep things fresh as they update as we update our profiles therefore freshening things up without even thinking about it. And if you keep your social media brand centric, you won't have to worry about it matching your website.

Blog Sidebar | This is a great place to update photos, change up content, and even move things around a little bit to give your readers something new to look at. It helps them notice things they may not have before.

Fonts | I have my brand font that I never change, but I have an accent font as well. My accent font stays the same for long periods of time but I leave room to change it up as trends change. There's always a new favorite font, and to keep my brand updated I allow myself to change it up every few months

Portfolio | A portfolio or image gallery is a great way to update photos and add new images to your site. I can be really bad about this, but recently I added it to my 'Duty Day' so that once a month I go back over the past month and look at any images I might have received so I can put them on the website.