Wedding Weekend

What a wonderful weekend for a wedding! The weather was gorgeous, the bride was beautiful, and everything went perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend for one of my best friends, Rose. I had the lovely honor of being a bridesmaid, and couldn't be happier for her and Daniel as they begin their lives together. I also got the chance to design her beautiful (if I do say so myself) wedding invitations.


It is weekends like this that really remind me what life is really about other than work and money and all the stress we have on a daily basis: family and love. And what a better way to celebrate love than with your family.

Unfortunately, our wonderful Grandma couldn't make the wedding this weekend as it was just too far. When we were at Rose's bridal shower, Rose and I had the crazy idea of making a cardboard cut-out of our grandma so that she could be in pictures despite her absence. I wasn't sure if it was actually going to work or not, but pulling a few resources together: my Aunt Mary took a very nice photo of her without her knowing, my dad has a rather large printer we printed her one, and he also supplied me with some foam board, and it all came together. I was able to use some Mod Podge to glue the large photo of her to the foam board. Then I used a box cutter to cut her out, and taped a stand behind her.

So, while it wasn't perfect by ANY means, it was still pretty cool. Here are some of the best photos.


The bride, my sister Jeri, Grandma and myself. 



The groom and bride with Grandma.


Grandma and her kids


The whole family with Grandma (minus Uncle Rich)


But I think this one might be my favorite because Jude is just awesome! This is my cousin Tessa and her beautiful family!

Welcome to our crazy family, Daniel! We are so happy to have you! And congratulations to you and Rose!

We love you both so much!